Total War: Warhammer 2 Lords and Heroes Guide

Lords and Heroes can be recruited from their respective buttons in the UI. They have a host of uses and good commanders know how to utilize them to their maximum effect. This Total War: Warhammer 2 Lords and Heroes Guide will tell you how to decide between the various lords and heroes and what you should do to increase their efficiency.

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Total War: Warhammer 2 Lords and Heroes

Each lord may have a positive or negative trait attached to it. Therefore, it is best to read the characteristics of each Lord before you decide to recruit it.

Heroes, on the other hand, are usually recruited after you have constructed a specific building. They are also sometimes are given to you as rewards.

The last thing to remember before we move on is that both lords and heroes have upkeep costs.

Both Lords and Heroes can be leveled up with experience. Their levels are shown along with the amount of experience they require to level up again.

Experience can be gained through battles and campaigns. The character detail section will show you all of the important information that you will need in battle.

Upon giving commands, depending upon the stats of the heroes and the items the hero have,the outcomes may be as follows:

  • Positive effect where the command given will surely result in success, like if an assassination command is given the enemy may be dealt with regular success (only wounds) or permanent success ( elimination).
  • Negative effect with hero failure where the action is not performed at all so there is no effect at all.
  • Negative effect with wounded hero where not only the hero fails to perform the action but also suffers damage which may be critical enough to kill your hero

All of the stats, buffs, abilities and a plethora of other things that influence characters in Total war are shown on this page.

You can also equip your Lord or Hero with different weapons, armors, and talismans that you have acquired to assist them on the battlefield.

The Lords and Heroes will also acquire traits through the course of a campaign depending on your actions.

Apart from this, they will acquire skill points when they level up and you can use these skills points to unlock various different skills to assist you in battle. You can select certain different skills to make your character into a specific role such as a tank or a diplomat.

Heroes usually work the same way as lords do in the character detail section. However, they have fewer skills to put points into.

A simple way to remember this is that Heroes are essentially like lords but with a few fewer features.

Understanding the dynamic of Heroes and Lords is the key to success in Total War. Try to think about every move you make and how it will impact the future. This way you will be able to outsmart your enemies and achieve the spoils of victory.

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