Total War: Three Kingdoms Spies Guide – Spy Forces, Risks, How to Recruit

Total War: Three Kingdoms Spies Guide will tell you the importance of spies, recruiting them, risks involved, double-agents, and spy actions.

Spies in Total War: Three Kingdoms are no doubt the eyes and ears of the state operating on foreign soil. They have a task of collecting vital information and data by staying within the enemy lines and later using special methods to transmit back those messages to home ground. A piece of vital information transmitted by the spy can be a game changer for a country, using which a faction/country could be ready for every enemy action.

In this Total War: Three Kingdoms Spies Guide, you will learn about the importance of spies, recruiting them, and the ways to counter enemy spies that have taken refuge in your country.

Total War: Three Kingdoms Spies

In Total War: Three Kingdoms, you could use spies in a very flexible way… from gathering information, taking out important personalities of your enemy faction, creating unrest in the enemy faction to dividing and turning people against the state.

However, you need a Faction Level of Second Marquis at least to make a spy force. Some of your characters would volunteer for these spy missions. You could identify them by checking for an eye symbol on their portfolio.

Spy Forces

First, you will have to open the Underground Network Menu by pressing the number 5 button. Press the plus symbol in the circle to open a menu having a list of factions and available people that can be recruited.

You will have an option to recruit a completely new person or rotate someone *from the courts* for this job. Recruiting someone new would be a better option as the people working in courts are important people and you do not want them dead.

After the recruiting is completed, you will have to choose the faction that you want to deploy your guy inside. However, if that faction somehow realizes that you are spying or have infiltrated their territory, the fraction would start having tensed relations with your faction.

If your spy is facing difficulties infiltrating enemy lines, try to do some clashes or kill a few people so that their force gets distracted and your spy gets an easy chance to infiltrate.

Spies Getting Caught

If an enemy faction catches your spy, he will most likely be executed. This will be a strong message and great embarrassment for your faction. If the enemy faction sends back your spy as a goodwill gesture, be careful about him being a double agent.

Factions usually have strong counter-espionage ability where they have strong underground networks having the task to stop enemy spy infiltration as well as reveal the spies already hiding in their factions.

Spying Risks

Some of the spy actions are powerful; therefore, they will expose the spy in no time. Some actions that could get exposed over time include:

  1. Taking over or affect the local trade.
  2. Damaging the structure from within, taking key administrative roles, later taking steps that weaken the state.
  3. Working in the military at senior rank, leaking valuable military data, creating a revolt within the army, and taking steps that destroy the establishment.
  4. Somehow, join the Faction Leader’s family by doing marrying leaders relatives. This is a powerful action as through this you could directly change the mindset of the Faction Leader.

This is all we have in our Total War: Three Kingdoms Spies Guide. If you have anything else that you would like to add, be sure to let us know!

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