Total War: Three Kingdoms Followers – How to Assign, Duties

In this Total War: Three Kingdoms Followers Guide, you will learn about the followers, what duty they have, how useful they could be for a faction, how to use, and assign them effectively. Followers are important personalities that have a primary task of helping or assisting a General or a Champion.

Total War: Three Kingdoms Followers

Every General/Champion has a dedicated “Follower” slot that can be used to assign followers with him. These followers are a vital resource as their help can completely sort all the flaws and errors being done in that specific department.

However, assigning the right follower for the right position is important or these followers might not be able to work at their full potential.

Moreover, followers can double the abilities and influence of the person they are assigned with. Followers can serve in the fields of military, diplomacy, and economy of the faction.

Assigning Followers

Open the Main Menu, click on the Faction Leader you want to assign a follower to. On the personality profile, you will witness multiple circles. You will have to click on the follower circle.

This click will open a small window on the left side of the screen that will enlighten you about the characteristics of the followers, benefits, drawbacks of assigning him, etc.

Under his picture would be an equip option. Select this option and done! Moreover, you can quickly replace followers not working well, as there is no cooldown for followers.

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