Total War: Three Kingdoms Factions Guide – Faction Leaders, Prestige

Factions in Total War: Three Kingdoms are organizations and they fall into different categories. These organizations have a leader who is called the Warlord. The factions are named before the leaders of those specific factions.

Each faction deals with different level of powers and each has ministers, administrators, generals, spies, and any other unspecified characters.

The leaders of the factions are famous leaders who belong from history and have different styles and specifics in their factions and as a faction leader. They specialize in different factors.

Total War: Three Kingdoms Factions

Faction Leaders control the factions and are called Warlords. The Factions are named before their leaders and in the case, a leader dies the name of the faction changes accordingly to the new Warlord.

Even though there are many factions, the faction leaders are divided into five different categories.

Members here expand their territory to earn prestige. Capturing the city where the Han Emperor resides allows you to vassal the Han Empire.

Once any faction leader becomes king, they declare themselves emperors, along with the two other leaders that are the strongest.

These members are loyal to the Han. The same progression for Coalition members still applies for their campaign, including capturing the Han Emperor.

The difference is that even if governors do become kings, they do not declare themselves as emperors automatically. Their goal, therefore, is to take out all three pretenders to the throne.

Members here cannot vassal the Han. Leaders can also have diplomatic relations with the generic Yellow Turbans faction as well.

Leader of this faction starts at war with almost every other faction. Your faction rank is higher, allowing for more armies, administrators, and spies compared to your rivals.

You already have the Han Emperor under your control and the Han Empire itself as a vassal.

Yellow Turbans
Members of this faction have a different playstyle and leaders are counted as different subculture compared to the Han officers hence they field different units.

Faction and Character Specialization

The factions have their own specialization hence obtaining a playstyle different from other factions that makes the factions divergent. Faction play style can be viewed from the faction panel on the main campaign screen.

The character specialization is lost if a faction leader dies and changes into the character specialization of the new leader of the faction. The faction specialization, however, remains unchanged.

Faction Rank
You can view the faction ranks by opening the faction summary panel; click your warlord’s portrait at the top-left corner of the campaign screen. Mousing over each of the ranks informs you of its specific benefits.

As your faction keeps developing, its rank is changed accordingly and as the rank increases, you unlock more bonuses. You have to defeat all the emperors and conquer China.

Faction Prestige
The prestige of your faction increases with the advancement in settlements and when new building units are made in your faction. Doing missions and completing events also increase the prestige of your faction.

Generating Missions
When a new character is assigned to the ministerial roles in your court, they also join the faction council that helps you in getting missions on completing which you get rewards.

You can start this by pressing the button on the campaign screen. If you have a higher rank then your rewards will be just as much higher and better.