Total War Sagas Troy Appears To Be Next Total War Sagas Title, Says Trademark

Back in 2018, Creative Assembly released Total War Sagas: Britannia, the first entry in their new “Sagas” Total War spinoff, which focused less on massive world-spanning empires and more on specific periods in history. Now Sagas is back, and Total War Sagas Troy appears to be the period the studio is focusing on next.

The information came from someone finding a trademark for the game on the United Kingdom’s Intellectual Property Office website, which likely means that it’s legitimate. However, we know pretty much nothing about it other than what the game’s title can tell us.

Troy, in this case, likely means that we’ll be heading to the Aegean Sea around the time of the Trojan War, that normally-thought-mythical conflict that has led to at least one movie and one Netflix series and whose chronology is now required reading in many mythology classes.

While the Trojan War’s historicity is disputed, the myriad different factions and politics of the Greek city-states and kingdoms of that time make it the perfect setting for a Total War game as each city-state vies for supremacy among its neighbors.

While Creative Assembly has already made various bits of Total War DLC that revolve around conflict between the city-states (the Total War: Rome 2 campaign pack “Wrath of Sparta”, for instance, which focused on the Peloponnesian War), if Total War Sagas Troy is legitimate this will be the first actual game released about it.

While Total War Sagas: Britannia got middling reviews and many players seemed rather unsatisfied with it, hopefully Creative Assembly will have taken notes of Britannia’s flaws and will have improved upon them to make Troy a game worthy of the Total War name.

However, even though there’s a trademark for Total War Sagas Troy, there’s no indication of a release date or anything approaching an announcement. Considering that Britannia came out, followed by Three Kingdoms, and with one last Total War Warhammer game on the way at some point, we might not see Troy until a good while after the third Warhammer game is released.

Whatever way this goes, we’ll likely be waiting a good while longer before we hear anything else about a new Total War Sagas game.

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