Troy: A Total War Saga Announced By Creative Assembly, Coming In 2020

It’s been leaked for a while now that the next game in Creative Assembly’s “Total War: Sagas” series would be something related to the Trojan War. An early-released PC Gamer cover, along with a new trailer today, announced that Troy: A Total War Saga would be coming in 2020 for PC.

The game will be the third of the Sagas games in the Total War franchise, after the first game Thrones of Britannia came out in 2018 and the Total War Shogun 2 expansion Fall of the Samurai was added to the label earlier this year.

Troy: A Total War Saga will be the earliest Total War Sagas in history, as it focuses, obviously, around the time of the Trojan War. However, while it’s heavily based in Greek mythology, Creative Assembly is making an effort to get to the truth behind the myth.

So, we likely won’t be seeing any mythological creatures like a minotaur or pegasus, but we will be seeing various great heroes of that age in a similar vein to Total War: Three Kingdoms and its own heroes. The way that battles are fought in this game will also change.

For instance, players won’t be seeing many cavalry on the field; back in these days the use of cavalry in warfare was quite rare, so most mounted units will be using chariots instead. There will also not be any naval combat; instead, players will use the same system from Total War Warhammer 2, fighting on an island in the middle of the ocean.

We also know that there will be eight different factions, but you won’t be able to take on Troy right from the get-go; according to Creative Assembly, you’ll have to unite all of Greece behind you in order to allow King Menelaus of Sparta to invade Troy in search of his “kidnapped” wife, Helen.

We don’t know very much else about Troy: A Total War Saga just yet, but hopefully when it releases in 2020 it will be a great improvement on the series. You can see the game’s teaser trailer by following this link.