Total War Rome 2 Politics Guide – Generals, Stats and Gravitas

Politics play a pretty significant role in the Total War series of games and Rome 2 is no exception (Et Tu, Brute?) You could have the most advanced and wide reaching empire in the world but if the Senate or whatever ruling body there is that exists doesn’t like you then you’ll have coups on your hands.

It all really boils down to votes.

If you click on the central button at the bottom of the screen it’ll open up the nation overview window. Here you can see all of your generals and politicians. Every general and politician belongs to a different family, and each family is seeking to increase the Gravitas – The amount of influence it has with the ruling body – of its members.

Clicking on a general will bring up some of the stats for that particular leader. Here we can see the General’s Gravitas, Ambition, Cunning, Authority and Zeal.

Ambition affects this persons influence gain and also reveals how likely the general is to use his influence. He may also try to rebel against you. Gravitas is the amount of influence he has accumulated with the ruling body/council.

Authority is the General’s combat ability in leading his troops into battle and defense against authority based agents. Also gives him skills like inspire and increases the radius of his morale boost.

Cunning gives an increased understanding of strategy, and allows skills like second wind as well as lowering the generals cooldown for abilities. Zeal represents his unit’s personal combat prowess. This gives the generals unit more power in attack stats, and also unlocks skills like war-cry.

A member of a political family gains Gravitas by performing deeds such as winning battles and succeeding in conquests. The more powerful a person becomes the more influence then have in the Ruling body.

You can also spend influence points to promote your generals and give them titles such as Consul.

All this really means is that you always want your family to be the strongest and most influential in the whole empire. You’re given several tools in order to accomplish this. Firstly, you can replace any general from amongst your armies.

You can do this to put your own relatives and members of family at the head of powerful armies and at the same time halt the influence gain of other families.

If a family stars getting too powerful and has greater influence than yours, you can try for a marriage. If you are the strongest then there is absolutely no reason to do this as it will only help the family that’s lower.

There is also the option of adopting a general.

If one of them becomes really successful, he’ll probably be too valuable to just get rid of so you may try to adopt him into your own family.

Lastly, we have the more furtive methods such as assassination and the spreading of rumors. The former eliminates the problem entirely, and the latter reduces their Gravitas.

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