Total War Rome 2 Factions and Culture Bonuses Guide

It wouldn’t make much sense if a game called Total War Rome 2 didn’t at least feature a couple of different factions, and in no way does Rome 2 disappoint. There are numerous different factions you can choose and they’re all neatly divided into four distinct cultures.

These four cultures are the Romans, Hellenic, Eastern and Barbarians.

Total War Rome 2 Culture Bonuses and Factions

In this guide I will attempt to make it easier to see the differences between the factions and the cultures, and hopefully it’ll help you see the advantages and disadvantages of each side.

Roman Culture Bonuses


  • +1 food in all provinces
  • +1 experience rank to all infantry recruits
  • Starts with mount Vesuvius +3% morale for all armies and fleets, +2% wealth from agricultural
  • and livestock buildings
  • Starts with Noteworthy Imperium
  • 4 starting regions


  • Republic


House of Cornelia Bonuses

  • +3% Tax Rate
  • +20 Diplomatic bonus with Hellenic cultures
  • -4 population happiness for Latin cultures

House of Julia Bonuses

  • +4 Cultural conversion to Latin
  • +10% morale against Barbarian cultures
  • +25% unhappiness caused by foreign cultures

House of Junia Bonuses

  • +4 public order from presence of Latin culture
  • +10% wealth from agriculture
  • -25 diplomatic relations

Hellenic Culture Bonuses


  • -40% mercenary upkeep costs
  • +10% wealth from commerce buildings
  • Starts with Noteworthy Imperium
  • Starts with 4 regions separated by water
  • Phoenecian culture but hellenic buildings. Does not trigger Hellenic specific effects


  • Republic


Hannoid Dynasty Bonuses

  • +10% movement range for armies and fleets
  • +5 to diplomatic relations
  • +10% mercenary upkeep

Mangonid Dynasty Bonuses

  • -20% resistance from foreign occupation
  • -5% non-mercenary unit upkeep cost
  • -6% tax rate

Barcid Dynasty

  • +4 population happiness for the presence of Phoenician culture
  • +5% wealth from agricultural buildings
  • -30 diplomatic relations with other factions


+2 Culture conversion
+10% melee defense on friendly territory

Sparta Bonuses

  • +1 experience for infantry recruits
  • -25% discontent caused by slaves
  • Starts with the Statue of Zeus at Olympia which grants 3% increase to wealth gained from culture buildings and +6 to public order from the bread and games edict
  • Starts with a single region
  • -10% wealth from industrial and commerce building chains

Epirus Bonuses

  • +4 happiness at Hellenic presence
  • +10% wealth from minor settlements
  • Starts with mount Olympus which gives a -20% reduction to happiness penalties due to different cultures, and a 5% increase to wealth generated by cultural buildings during the bread and games edict
  • Starts with two regions
  • -20 Diplomatic relations with Hellenic

Athens Bonuses

  • +10 Tech research rate
  • +1 naval unit experience
  • Starts with one region
  • +10% to cost of mercenaries

Successor Kingdoms

  • +10% troop morale against Hellenic factions
  • -20% to enemy resistance to foreign occupation

Macedon Bonuses

  • +10% troop morale against barbarians
  • +10% wealth from industrial buildings
  • Starts with The sanctuary of the Great Gods which provides growth and boosts spread of culture
  • Starts with 2 regions
  • -20 to diplomatic relations with hellenic factions

Egypt Bonuses

  • +1 experience to naval recruits
  • +10% research rate
  • Starts with The Necropolis of Giza 3% reduction to construction costs factionwide and +2% wealth from culture buildings
  • Starts with The Pharos of Alexandria 20 increase to line of sight for all fleets and 5% increase to wealth from maritime commerce buildings
  • Starts with 6 regions
  • Starts with “noteworty” imperium
  • +25% increase to unhappiness due to presence of foreign cultures

Eastern Culture Bonuses


  • +1 Experience for Archers
  • +10% wealth from commerce chain buildings


  • +1 experience to cavalry recruits
  • -25% happiness penalties due to the presence of foreign cultures
  • Starts with a single region
  • +25% unhappiness from by slavery


  • +10% troop morale against barbarians
  • +25 diplomatic relations with hellenic factions
  • Hellenic culture
  • Starts with 2 regions
  • -35 diplomatic relations with eastern factions

Barbarian Culture Bonuses


  • +10% melee defense when fighting on Friendly ground
  • +1 happiness across all provinces for every war with a neighboring faction


  • +10% charge bonuses of all units when attacking
  • +10 to diplomatic relations with non-barbarians
  • Starts with a single region
  • Celtic culture
  • -50% captives after battle starts with 2 mercenary spear bands, might not want to keep them around for too long

Gallic Tribes Bonuses


  • +1 happiness for every war with a neighbouring faction
  • +1 experience for cavalry


  • +20 diplomatic relations with other barbarian factions
  • +10% wealth from industrial buildings
  • Starts with a single region
  • Celtic culture
  • -4 public order for the presence of celtic culture

Germanic Tribes Bonuses


  • +1 happiness for every war with a neighboring faction
  • +20% income from raiding and sacking

The Suebi

  • +3% tax rate
  • +10% troop morale against other barbarians
  • Starts with a single region
  • Germanic culture
  • +25% public order penalty of foreign cultures

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