Total War: Attila Politics Guide – Dominion, Control and Power

Understanding politics in Total War: Attila is more complicated than ever. Our guide provides a basic framework that should help understanding politics more effectively.

Total War: Attila Politics

The Family Tree
Your family members are represented by in the family tree shown in the center of the Political Screen.

The characters appearing on the left side belong to other families. For a general overview, your family members are represented by yellow bars and other family members are represented by red bars.

Political Power
Your political power is represented by a bar in the middle of the Political Screen.

Unlike previous installments, having either extremely high or low political power is not recommended. It’s primarily determined by two things – Dominion and Control and it’s advised to keep it as balanced as possible.

Control is basically determined by success or failure of your political actions. A successful political action increases your Control and vice versa – as simple as it can be.

Aside from Control, Dominion is another factor which directly affects your Political Power. Compared to Control, Dominion is a tad complex when it comes to calculating it.

Dominion is basically your family members’ influence versus other family members’ influence. For instance, if your 3 family members have a total of 50 influence and 2 members of another family have a total of 100 influence; your Dominion should be 25%.

Character Basics

Influence is one of the most important things in Total War: Attila. It’s not only used to purchase political actions, but is also related to your Dominion which eventually formulates your Political Power. Gaining influence is no rocket science.

In order to increase your influence, players only need to remain successful in their empire – as simple as it can be.

Loyalty and Age
Apparently, age has no effect on your character and can be viewed by clicking the character. As for loyalty, it’s important to keep it as high as possible. As soon as a character drops to 1 loyalty, it will rebel against you and you will have to defeat it in an open battle.

Female Characters
Influence and consequently Dominion can also be gained by using female characters. In addition to this, female characters can also political actions and their unique traits.

Political Actions Basics

  • Assassination – this can be used to immediately dispose of an unwanted character
  • Loyalty – keep this as high as possible to avoid any potential rebellion
  • Marriage – family members can marry members of other families and add them to your family
  • Divorcement – this can be used to dispose of a bad trait that a wife brought
  • Wife – your character can look for a wife who will bring her own influence, political actions, and a trait
  • Adoption – a good way to get members of other families into your family
  • Diminish Popularity – popularity can be diminished to lower a character’s influence instantly
  • Funds – players can acquire money from the war-chest
  • Gain Support – can be used to increase control
  • Offices – there are certain offices that allow characters to receive free benefits like influence.

Note: However, there are certain prerequisites which must be met before getting an office

Balancing Influence and Dominion

Now that we are done with learning basics of the Political System, let us take a deeper look into balancing your influence. Whatever you do, you need to keep your influence more than the court’s influence.

Following are some tips for gaining and denying influence:

One of the easiest methods to acquire influence is to accept influence-granted wives and assigning household items that provide influence to your family members. You can also have one of your family members leading offensive armies to acquire some decent influence.

Lastly, try to assign your family members as Governors. Doing this not only accumulates influence, but also bonus XP, household items, traits, and so much more. Like in the case of acquiring influence, you need to set your family members seek out wives who diminish influence.

In addition to this, use your family members to maintain defensive armies as these armies gain almost no influence at all! And lastly, as soon as one of your family member hits 20+ influence, promote them to Companion Office which should cost them some influence.

Balancing Control

In contrast to Dominion, Control is far more complex and hard to manage. The primal reason for its complexity is the fact that there is only one thing to acquire Control – Gain Support political action.

Ideally speaking, Dominion should be kept high with Control being at 50% or so to keep the Political Power balanced in the best possible way. Do note that Gain Support should be used excessively as it can bring complications.

Tip: During the endgame, keep the Control adjusted to 60% instead of 50%.

However, if your Control has gotten out of your control, the Gain Support political action can reduce it by 4% upon failure, but it will also reduce your influence and power. Furthermore, you can ignore an office promotion with a complication to lose 2% Control.

Balancing Power

Like I have mentioned earlier, in Total War: Attila, it’s best to keep the power as balanced as possible. With a highly balanced power, players receive +2 loyalty and no penalties to public order or growth.

In case your power drops down below balanced, it will affect your army’s integrity and cause it to lose morale which eventually leads to mutinies. As for extremely high power, it produces negative growth and public order modifiers. You can refer to the tips provided above for more information on how to keep your power balanced.

Political Actions Detailed

The base cost of this action is 25. It’s advisable to use this to get rid of a High King or someone with less loyalty and extremely low stats.

Secure Loyalty
The base cost of this action is 25 as well as influence modifiers and increases the loyalty by +5.

Gather Support
The base cost of this action is 25 and can increase up to 40, depending upon the situation. I would only recommend using it if your Dominion is extremely high and you have an ample space to adjust failure.

Diminish Popularity
It’s highly recommended to assign the target to a companion and let him deal with the failures.

Seek Wife
This comes in extremely handy when we talk about keeping the High King married to produce his offspring. Furthermore, this also serves as a decent option after exhausting all your diplomacy options.

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