TorchLight (XBLA) Cheats, and Unlockables

If you are a Diablo fan, you would definitely like this game as the developer Runic Games has presented a fresh take on action RPG’s with Torchlight.

Below are all cheats, tips, and unlockables of the game released on Xbox Live Arcade.

Torchlight Cheats – Infinite Potions

Just save potions of your character in the chest situated at the Northern side. Delete that character and spawn with a new one, collect the potions you had left in the chest. You can repeat this again and again.

How to have Successful Enchantments

While you are talking to the guy who enchant the items. Select the item which you want to enchant and press the A button, if it is successful then you can simply press the start button and exit to the title screen – This also saves the game for you so you can continue the game and enchant your item again.

But if something goes wrong and you lose your enchantments then you can simply press the XBOX button on the controller, Press Y and go to the Xbox dashboard. Doing this will not save the game and you will start the game from your last enchantment.

Torchlight XBLA – Unlockables

Robot Knit Cap
Beat the game.

Torchlight Logo Tee
Defeat the Overseer.

Tips – Easy Way to Upgrade an Item

When you try to upgrade an item, there is a chance to lose its current ability or all of them, here is a trick through which you will not need to worry about this issue.

Go the item enchanter, press the start button and select “exit to title”. So your game will be saved, now join back in and try to upgrade the item. If the upgrade fails and you lose something, then press the guide button of the controller and press Y, choose yes.

This will again result in NOT saving your game so you won’t lose your money and your item won’t lose the abilities. You can do this trick again and again, this also helps in achieving “Enchantment Overload” achievement because it requires you to enchant 10 times.

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