Torchlight 3 Tips

In this Torchlight 3 Tips guide, we will try to make your TL3 experience as smooth as possible by giving you some useful tips, tricks, and pointers that will help you navigate your way in the ARPG Torchlight 3.

Torchlight 3 Tips

The third installment of the Torchlight Franchise has few features that have left players scratching their heads.

Features such as the newly introduced concept of Lifeboat items.

In this guide, we have given a few important tips that may help you in your gameplay.

Respec and Refund Skill Points

In Torchlight 3, you receive skill points for each character level-up. These Skill points are then allocated for further skill selection.

Farming rare Respectacles helps to refund these skill points that can be found as boss droppings.

These include bosses in Mapworks dungeons or in boss chests.

Other than that, you can receive Respectacle Points every 10 levels from level 5,15,25 so on.

Once you’ve located the Respectacles, collect them, and visit your consumable tab, use the item and receive respec points.

Now, you can refund all of the skill points that you don’t need anymore.

In some cases, players already own respec points.

In situations like these, you must visit your fort to build a skill station for the class, interact with the object, and lastly, use your mouse to hold right-click on a skill to refund a point.

Creating a Wardrobe

In Torchlight 3, you’re given a few tutorial quests to complete, and Creating your own Wardrobe is one of the last tutorial quests you’ll receive.

Creating your own Wardrobe is by far the easiest task you’ll complete.

Simply open your fort construction panel to build a stonemason. Building a stonemason requires 100x wood and 100x stone rocks (found all over the map).

After acquiring all of the items, find a useful part of your fort, and build a stonemason.

You’ll need 10x stone blocks that can be crafted by rocks.

So, don’t forget to have a few additional stone rocks with you. Once the construction is finished, collect the stone blocks and create your own Wardrobe.

Plant a Luck Sprout

In Torchlight 3, Planting a Luck Sprout is one of the many tutorial quests you’ll receive.

The Luck Sprout has its own tiers and progress bars that grant permanent Luck bonuses.

For this quest, you must visit your fort, plant, and level up the Luck Sprout. To level up the Luck Sprout, use your loot.

Keep in mind that rare items give more points.

Leveling up the Luck Sprout takes a lot of time, so in the meantime, you can visit other player’s forts to increase your Gear Stats.

You can find different forts in locations such as Travail Passage, Overgrown Trek, Foetid Footpath.

By chance, if any of these forts have a grown Luck Tree, you can use your loot there to increase your Gear Luck stats.

However, the best option is to level up your own Luck Sprout as it provides permanent bonuses and helps other players who end up at your fort.

Mapwork Portals

Accessing Mapwork Portals in the game leads you to a random encounter with a boss. These Mapwork Portals can be found all around the map in different locations.

Your main aim is to search for a purple figure that can be found on random occasions.

These purple figures don’t have enough health, so they usually run away from you. Once they die, they spawn a Mapwork portal that leads you to a dungeon.

Inside the dungeon, you’ll face your old nemesis.

Meaning, the bosses you’ve fought before. The fight can end in two manners.

If you win, you can collect all the dropped boss loot, which may have Respectacles or Scrolls of Unbinding.

If you end up dying, you’ll revive at a close located town, so be careful!

Lifebound Item Possession

Lifebound Items in Torchlight III are the items that you lose after dying. They have stats that are usually higher than normal or non-lifebound items to offset losing them on death. However, the good news is that there’s a method to keep them with you even after your character’s death!

The best option is to use rare consumables called Scrolls of Unbinding. These rare Scrolls of Unbinding consumables are only found in boss chests or are dropped from bosses.

You’ll find only a couple of Scrolls of Unbinding throughout the campaign, so you should keep your eyes open for them.

Once you find a Scroll of Unbinding, you can then use it on any lifebound item to remove the ‘Lifebound’ trait.

Successful removal of the Lifebound trait will result in normalization of that item, which means you can now keep it even after your death!

But, since the Scrolls of Unbinding are very rare, you should not rush into using them right after you receive one. Instead, save them for using onto some really irreplaceable items that are worth keeping forever.

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