Torchlight 3 From a Humble Seed Walkthrough

Torchlight III throws you in with a bunch of tutorial quests to show you the ropes. In this Torchlight 3 From a Humble Seed walkthrough, we’ll be showing you how to quickly complete this quest with a detailed walkthrough.

Torchlight 3 From a Humble Seed

Turns out Zaya needs your assistance in finding a Sack of Luck Seeds in Torchlight III that she has apparently lost when attacked by a pack of monsters.

Agree to help Zaya, and make your way through to the next objective to progress the ‘From a Humble Seed’ walkthrough.

Collect a Sack of Luck Seeds from a Champion Monster
To find a Champion Monster, go to the North-Western part of Edgewood Bluff and enter “Heroes’ Rest.”

Fight off the mobs, and defeat the Champion Bruce Killis to retrieve the Sack of Luck Seeds for Zaya.

Collect Fertile Soil from Ash Trees
Fast travel to Edgewood Bluff and start chopping down a bunch of Ash Trees to collect Fertile Soil.

You can find numerous trees in the forest; just head to any one of them and start chopping.

Talk to Zaya
Once you have Zaya’s Sack of Luck Seeds, return to her and she will ask you to plant the humble seed into your fort to grow a ‘Luck Tree.’

Feeding the luck tree with items will help you in discovering new and amazing gear.

Talk to Sgt. Klive
Talking to Sgt. Klive, he’ll discover that you have a Luck Sprout and ask you to plant it in your fort.

Go into your inventory and claim the Luck Sprout sack first. Proceed to the Fort menu and add the monument through the ‘Arrange’ tab.

Place it wherever you like and you will automatically complete the Torchlight III: From a Humble Seed quest.

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