Torchlight 3 Forts Guide

In this Torchlight 3 Forts guide, we will tell you all about Forts Customization and up-gradation and how you can make your Fort look unique in TL3. Let’s get started

Torchlight 3 Forts

The Forts are available during the act 1 after you have Claimed your Fort from the Goblin Tribe.

Forts act as your home and the base of operations in your future endeavors.

You can customize your forts any way you like to make them look different from other forts.

You can also explore forts of other players and can also use relics and artifacts of the defeated bosses for decorating your Fort.

You can also travel to your Fort by using the World Map and Portals.

The progress you make during your journey is universal.

That means the crafted objects, artifacts, structures, and decorations you have made will be accessible to everyone using that account.

Rearrangement and Decorations
Forts come with few of its own assets. You can customize the position of these assets and the orientation of these assets as you like.

Objects and items you earn during your journey can also be placed in your Fort for decoration purposes.

You can also build Laboratories, libraries, etc. thus resulting in making your Fort unique.

If you complete special contracts, then you will be able to decorate your Fort with unique and intriguing looks and visual options.

You can craft various objects to be placed inside the forts.

You can also upgrade and expand your Fort by using Gold and other raw resources like Logs, Nuggets, and stones.

You can beautify the inside of your Fort with rock formations, planks, and stone pavements.

Crafted Structures
You can craft various structures to make your Fort operate efficiently. These structures include:

  • Altar: You can be craft Enchanter’s altar where you can enchant your items. You can also get legendary skills or passives for your legendarium.
  • Reliquary: Another structure that you can craft in Torchlight III is a Reliquary> Reliquary is used to unlock and equip powerful relics.
  • Sawmill: Sawmill is a functional structure that you can craft to turn wood into wood planks.
  • Smelter: Smelter is a functional structure that you can craft to turn Metal Nuggets into Metal Bars.
  • Stonemason: Stonemason is a functional structure that you can craft to turn rocks into stone blocks.

You need raw materials to upgrade and decorate your Fort and to craft new structures.

Although you can find these raw materials throughout the game, but few of them are rare and are very difficult to find.

These raw resources include Logs, Nuggets, and stones, etc.

Metal and Boulders can be found easily in caves and mountain areas, while trees are rare and can be found in outdoor areas like Edgewood Bluff and Polluted Plateau.

Storage and Wardrobe
You can store your different pets in storage and can shift between them as well. You can build tiny mannequins of characters of your choice.

You can use these mannequins to try different outfits that will suit the character.

Skill Station
You can refund your skill points through skill stations with Respectacle Points.

  • Arcanum: Arcanum is used by Dusk Mages to unlearn skill levels with respectacle points.
  • Workshop: Workshop is used by Railmaster to unlearn skill levels with respectacle points.
  • Automaton Shop: Automaton Shop is used by Forged to unlearn skill levels with respectacle points.
  • Arms Cart: Arms Cart is used by Sharpshooter to unlearn skill levels with respectacle points.

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