Torchlight 2 Outlander Skill Tree Guide

Outlander primarily uses ranged weapons, such as dual pistols, the Shotguns and rifles. They also have the Glaive, which is a magical weapon that does not require an actual glaive to be equipped, and the ability to summon.

They have Warfare tree for guns, Lore tree for the Glaive and Sigil tree for passives and summons. For more help on Torchlight 2 Outlander, read our Builds Guide.

Warfare Skill Tree
Rapid Fire (Level 1): You shoot out rapid bursts of bullets that cause your enemies to get knocked back and even reduces their armor rating. The range is 7 meters. It reduces armor by 2 for 8 seconds. Mana cost: 12 per second.

Long Range Mastery (Level 1): Your prowess with long range weapons increase. It adds 2% to your long-range weapon damage. Always active

Shotgonne Mastery (Level 7): Your skill level with the shotgonne increases. This also increases the chance of you stunning your targets by for 2 seconds by 2%.

Rune Vault (Level 7): You vault backwards from your enemies but leave a sigil that damages them and has 50% chance of blinding enemies in a 4 meter radius around it. Mana cost: 8.

Chaos Burst (Level 14): You shoot three projectiles that bounce around causing havoc. Mana cost: 7.

Akimbo (Level 14): It increases your skill with pistols, especially when duel wielding them. 2% extra damage when you duel wield them.

Cursed Dagger (Level 21): You throw 9 daggers in an arc in front of you that poison and reduce enemy attack when they strike them. 10 poison damage dealt to enemies over 10 seconds. Also their damage is reduced by 20% for the next 8 seconds. Mana Cost: 10.

Bull’s Eye Shooting (Level 21): Your expertise with long range weapons increase even more causing you to have 3% increased chance of landing a critical hit. Additional 10% damage on critical hits. Always active.

Vortex Hex (Level 28): Summons a fetish which can draw 3 enemies at a time towards it and may even stun them. It lasts for 15 seconds. Mana cost: 16.

Shattering Glaive (Level 35): You throw a glaive which upon contact explodes damaging the enemies and even slowing them. It has a radius of 4.5 meters. Movement speed of enemies is reduced by 15% for 2 seconds. Mana cost: 7.

Venomous Hail (Level 42): You fire poisonous bolts skywards and they fall upon the target location in 4.5 meter radius. Mana cost: 14.

Battle Recovery (Level 42): It Allows you to transfer charge into your health and mana pools. It also makes you more resistance to elemental damage.

Lore Skill Tree
Glaive Throw (Level 1): You fling your glaive at your enemy it re-bounces only once from that enemy to hit additional foes. The attack causes your enemies movement speed to be reduced by 25% for 2 seconds. Mana cost: 10.

Dodge Mastery (Level 1): Increase your skill of dodging attacks by 4%. Always active.

Tangling Shot (Level 7): You shoot a cursed bullet that binds the enemy and slowly crushes them. Other enemies within 3.5 meters also have a chance of getting entangled. It has 100% change of immobilizing the enemy and does 10 poison damage over 3 seconds. Mana cost: 7.

Poison Burst (Level 7): When enemies get killed, they explode and erupt a poison cloud of radius 6 meters. There is a 12% chance of this happening. Always active.

Glaive Sweep (Level 14): You sweep your glaive in a circle of radius 4.5 meters around you, and all enemies struck have a 50% chance of getting stunned. You can also interrupt enemies with this skill. Mana cost: 8.

Share The Wealth (Level 14): You share 20% of your Charge benefits with all pets and allies within 16 meters, and you gain the same percentage as an additional bonus to your own benefits. Always active.

Sandstorm (Level 21): You generate a sandstorm with your glaive. The sandstorm moves 20 meters and stuns every enemy it touches for 1 second. Mana cost: 10.

Bramble Wall (Level 28): You trap opponents in vines. It lasts for 10 seconds. Mana cost: 14.

Burning Leap (Level 35): You jump 7 meters forward. Any enemies hit along the way are set ablaze. It has a 30% chance of burning enemies for 4 seconds. Mana cost: 16.

Flaming Glaive (Level 42): Throw two alight flaming glaives at your enemies. It does 10 fire damage over 6 seconds. Mana cost: 10.

Sigil Skill Tree
Blade Pact (Level 1): You cause your enemies to move slowly and have weakened defense as well. The skill last for 7 seconds. Any enemy passing through the cursed area will have 8% less armor and 15% move slower for 3 seconds. Mana cost: 10.

Master Of The Elements (Level 1): Your elemental damage increases. Always active.

Shadow Shot (Level 7): Your bullets splits into 3 parts upon contact thus hurting even more enemies. Mana cost: 7.

Shadowling Ammo (Level 7): It Gives you a 12% chance of resurrecting slain enemies as bats to fight for you. Always active.

Bane Breath (Level 14): It is a poison breath that can kill foes. If any enemies are killed, they rise again to fight for you for 10 seconds. Does 10 poison damage over 2 seconds. Mana cost: 9.

Death Ritual (Level 14): Your Shadowlings live for 11.5 seconds and do 5% more damage. Always active.

Repulsion Hex (Level 21): You call an avatar that repulses enemies if they come too near. It can fire every 1 second, and it lasts for 40 seconds. Mana cost: 16.

Charge Mastery (Level 21): Rate of charge gained increases by 4%. Always active.

Stone Pact (Level 28): You and your allies get stone shields protecting them. It lasts for 20 seconds and adds 20% to your defense and your allies too. Reflect enemy spells back at them too. Mana cost: 10.

Ember Ammo (Level 28): Poison your bullets so they do 10 poison damage over 4 seconds on impact with enemies. Always active.

Shadowmantle (Level 35): It is a hex protecting you from ranged attacks. IT has a chance to cause blindness on the enemies as well. Mana cost: 10.

Shadowling Brute (Level 42): You summon a brute to fight alongside you. Mana cost: 10.

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