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Army of TWO: The Devil’s Cartel Review

Army of TWO: The Devil’s Cartel features the same bullet filled straight action romp that has been the series staple. This time, in place of Middle East, Korea or China, the game lets the players loose in the locales of Mexico. However, instead of series regular; Rios and Salem, Devil’s Cartel gives the player control of two new Trans World Operations (TWO) operatives; Alpha and Bravo.


God of War: Ascension Review

Does the latest iteration to the God of War series hold up to the lofty standards of its predecessors, or is God of War: Ascension a disappointment to its heritage? Find out in this Review.


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Portal 2 Review

Portal 2, like its predecessor, is a puzzle game played in the first-person perspective. Its origins lie in a student…


Sanctum PC Review

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World of Tanks Review

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Homefront Review

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