Top 10 Steam Greenlight Games From November 2013’s 100 Approvals

We told you yesterday about yet another huge batch of upcoming PC titles that will hit Steam, thanks to the Greenlight program.

Still, 100 games might be rough for everyone to go through, in order to find some gems amidst the less interesting stuff.

That’s why we spent that time for you and prepared a nice, bite-size list. This way, you can quickly scope out the prime tier of game development right now and then go do whatever it is that you do.

We spent all that research time for you, because we know you’re busy. Without further ado, here are the top 10 titles from the 100 approved Steam Greenlight games:

Imagine Nation

10. Imagine Nations
There is no shortage of voxel-based sandboxes, so picking out one that isn’t just the same as every other project is rough.

Luckily, Imagine Nations makes that decision easier, through a gigantic scope that features city building, researching, crafting anything from tools to planes and hostile environments. It’s, in fact, so vastly outlined that it doesn’t get higher on the list, as such thorough ambition could potentially backfire.

The use of softer, shaded color palettes already puts in a soothing factor. Now, we need to see where this is going to end. You can help Imagine Nations grow by supporting their current Kickstarter goal.

Steam Green #2

9. Tower of the Gorillion
Games that try to snag a sense of nostalgia are plentiful as well. One of the prime examples of this is Tower of the Gorillion, which brings the era of Gameboy titles to modern platform designs. Its distinct, pixelated visuals and tiny characters set to a chiptune track will take many older gamers back to the late 80s.

On the fly switching between foreground and background allows for more pensive moments than just feel-good vibes. Two protagonists each take care of one dimension. They’ll need to work together in perfect harmony to overcome some clever puzzle elements. It’s pure, old-fashioned fun.

Villagers and Heroes

8. Villagers and Heroes
With 100 ventures, each gunning for a spot on Steam, some are bound to be massively multiplayer online (MMO) titles. None really break a striking mold, but Villagers and Heroes might be the most advanced one out there.

Sleek and clean models inhabit this colorful universe, where anything is at reach for free. More so, gameplay is left as open as possible, leaving players the choice of what to become personally and how to design the rest of the world to their hand.

If questing and endless combat isn’t your thing, you’ll be able to create an entire, functioning village of your own.


7. Bloom: Memories
It’s rare to see a game focused on passive progression. In Bloom: Memories, players are urged to just take in the world around them without the prejudice that everything is out to hurt and destroy. Instead, this calming adventure offers ways to go through its environment without even harming any one creature. Its use of detailed painted stills as backgrounds jumps to the eye.

Life is added with minimal touches and immersed in exquisite lighting effects to add even more colors to the mixture. This is exactly the type of beautiful world that’s waiting for players to get lost in it.

International Racing

6. International Racing Squirrels
This is probably the oddest title you’ll find that’s still alluring in some weird way. Taking the managerial genre to new heights, literally, International Racing Squirrels is a simulation spent in treetops, training critters for events.

Players pursue new drivers, get them in shape for races and then unleash them on the track. Along the way, you can use your profits to purchase new equipment, buy yourself some tasty treats or improve your rodents with even more outlandish methods.

If the zany Speed Racer cartoon ever decided to make a simulation game about squirrels, this crazy stunt is what it would end up looking like.


5. Krautscape
If active racing is more your thing, then Krautscape is the exemplary game you want to look out for.

Forget everything you know about old driving games, build it back up in cardboard and shaded colors, then add flying cars to that. This multiplayer game lets the leader of the pack create the track, while you’re competing.

Pursuers can choose to fly off the road to cut off the gaps at the cost of speed. Its slick presentation is only outdone about how original its concept is. Those tired of the same-old treaded formula will love this neat curveball.


4. Interference
Fans of cyberpunk can revel in the silhouetted world of Interference, which blends together puzzle mechanisms with platform sections in a side-scrolling adventure.

As an operative in this neon dystopia, characters have to use their dexterity to stay out of sight. Areas can be manipulated, to be chopped up into parts and rearranged, to proceed to the next objective or outmaneuver enemies. This tricky level design will keep things interesting, as elements are added to include lasers, electrified fields and more.

There is still time to support the funding campaign on Indiegogo, to make this 2D Blade Runner the best it can be.

The Stomping Land

3. The Stomping Land
In the list of survival games, all trying to set up their open world as interesting, The Stomping Land takes the prize for effort. This is what Jurassic Park, the game, should look like with some creative liberties.

Dinosaurs roam across the vast expanses of an otherwise deserted island, and human players try their best to adapt to that environment.

Hunting for food will be tricky, because men are no match for the huge reptilian predators. You’ll need to outwit the giant beasts with fabricated tools. Alternatively, dinosaurs can be tamed and used as mounts. There’s a reason why this project breached 500% on its Kickstarter event.

Mansion Lord

2. Mansion Lord
When it comes to combining a set of rarely paired game genres, Mansion Lord takes the cake and eats it too. While at first sight, the game looks like a simple business simulation with pixelated environments, more lurks afoot.

Amidst this venture, there is a murder mystery hidden, with random encounters, combat and character customization. Build your own empire, while sleuthing around for clues and defeating monsters.

You’ll need to wear many hats and wear them well to be the best you can be in this adorable title with designs fit for anyone to enjoy.

Help it reach their humble Kickstarter goal.


1. 3089
Here’s how games should be done. This seemingly, visually poor title is sure to surprise many with what it holds inside. Simple textures make room for a randomly created universe where any direction will lead to something new and wondrous.

Customization is set on an intricate design of finding the right parts and connecting them for custom items. Characters can build their persona in any way possible, to reflect stealth, brawn or highly skilled shooting.

Take any route, amass followers and build out a name in the process. It’s like the futuristic Skyrim with guns and robots that everyone can access.

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