Top 10 Greatest Love Stories In Video Games

Just like every other medium out there, narrative based video games have had love stories from as far back as anyone can remember. From Mario’s love for Princess Peach to Cortana and Master Chief to the latest love story, Luna and Noctis from Final Fantasy XV, love stories have been the cornerstone for many game franchises. Today, we decided to look at the Top 10 Love stories in video games and present you with a list. Keep in mind this is just our opinion and your list might differ, it is perfectly fine to ship Bowser and Peach.

#10. Prince and Elika – Prince of Persia (2008)

Similar to many other video game love stories, the story of Prince and Elika’s romance isn’t exactly a new tale. Both start off an uneasy alliance which continues to develop throughout the game as they help each other out of tough spots (mainly Elika helping Prince not die during combat or failed traversal)

The game’s ending might have left some players dissatisfied, but hey, all is fair in love and war especially when it is love between a beggar prince and a mage girl.

#9. Tidus and Yuna – Final Fantasy X

The Final Fantasy series, despite its Teen rating has pretty much always had a love story at its core, mostly between two of the biggest characters. The love stories can sometimes feel a bit too mushy in these games and the one between Tidus and Yuna is no different. However, the way it is developed throughout the game in stages and peeled off like an onion does leave one crying by the time the game ends.

Tidus and Yuna

It might not be the best or the most believable love stories in video games, but it is certainly something to talk about.

#8. Leon and Ada Wong – Resident Evil

Another classic case of “will they-won’t they” this love story can be a bit weird sometimes, especially considering the horror setting of the Resident Evil franchise and the fact that Ada’s character can’t really be trusted.

Leon and Ada Wong

However, like bees to honey, after all these games and hints that Ada and Leon aren’t meant to be together, Leon keeps falling for her. Such lost puppy moments alone are enough to include this relationship in the list.

#7. Tear Grants and Luke Fon Fabre – Tales of the Abyss

JRPGs typically have long runtimes which is exactly why this relationship is considered by many as one of the most developed love stories in gaming. Just like numerous other love stories in gaming, anime or movies, the characters aren’t too fond of each other at the beginning but as the game progresses and they get to know each other better, sparks definitely fly.

Tear and Luke

Both stay by each other’s sides through the game supporting each other at their best and their worst making them a pretty ideal couple.

#6. Master Chief and Cortana – Halo franchise

The definition of messed up and forbidden yet a touching and great love story. This is the love story between a soldier who doesn’t really feel emotions and an AI, both tasked with the protection of humanity. Throughout the first 4 games, their relationship continues to develop from allies to friends and then something more, both willing to sacrifice their life so the other can survive.

Master Chief and Cortana

By the time the credits on Halo 5 start rolling, many might consider this a way more developed and interesting love story between a human and an AI when compared to the movie Her. That fact is actually further hammered in by the emotional ending of Halo 4.

#5. Will and Kara – Illusion of Gaia

This game was released on SNES back in the early 90s but the love story between the two characters is just as timeless as love itself. Another love story between a lowly adventurer who stumbles upon a beautiful princess who is initially a bit reserved but as the game progress, their relationship blooms into one of the finest love stories we have ever seen.

Will and Kara

The ending of the game is yet another beautiful moment, that further stamps their love story as great due to their ‘sacrifice’.

#4. Princess Zelda and Link – Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

Despite the titles of the LoZ franchise and the two main characters, it is actually Skyward Sword where the relationship between the two main characters really develops the most from a really cool friendship into a love story for the ages that would make even grown men cry.

Link and Princess Zelda

#3 Nathan Drake and Elena Fisher – Uncharted franchise

While the Uncharted game series might be standalone for the most part, there are some elements that continue to develop throughout the series and are best appreciated if players are playing from the first game. One such is the romance between the main character Nathan Drake and Elena. What started off as a casual flirt between employee and employer (see how employee comes first? Yeah Elena hated Nate’s guts) turns into something serious.

Nate and Elena

Nate might be a smooth criminal and hit it well with other ladies but in the end, his heart truly belongs to Elena and over the course of four games, that point is really emphasized through some great character development by Naughty Dog.

#2. Zael and Lady Calista – The Last Story

One of the finest Wii exlusives, The Last Story is an epic tale of romance beautifully crafted and possibly trumps every JRPG love story thanks to the brilliant chemistry between the two characters and by the time the game ends, their story is really tugging at player’s heartstrings.

Zael and Lady Calista

#1 Blumiere and Timpani – Super Paper Mario

Ok bear with us on this as this might be the most controversial love story on this list. A being of pure darkness falling in love with a butterfly, which everyone would agree is one of the most beautiful things on the planet. Filled with romance, betrayal, rejection and against overwhelming odds, the love story between these two feels like the creators were really in love with Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, complete with a beautiful and bitter sweet ending.

Blumiere and Timpani

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