Tony Hawk Skate Jam Guide – Tips and Strategies, Performing Tricks, Combos

Our Tony Hawk Skate Jam Guide will help you learn everything you need to know about getting started with Tony Hawk experience on mobile devices. We have discussed everything from objectives, tricks, limitations, and more.

Tony Hawk Skate Jam Guide

Tony Hawk Skate Jam is the production of Maple Media that is also the creator of skateboard party and is basically a private equity firm. This game has a level based design and is directed towards the sports genre fans.

For those who are familiar with earlier Tony Hawk Pro Skater titles, this iteration has a similar game design with tokens to collect throughout each level and tricks which give points to reach a goal for each level.

Location and Objectives

Firstly, you have to choose a location from your Career Levels with which you will find a list of goals and quests that you have to complete in the location.

Your goals include gaining 50,000 points or performing tricks to collect points and more goals like finding hidden tokens that are H-A-W-K letters that are highlighted in blue and “Hawks” that are highlighted in yellow which are not really hidden.

And none of the Hawks changes there location so if you’re serious in collecting all those Hawks you just have to move around or replay your level again and again to collect all of them.

There are 30 objectives in each location that you have to complete to raise your percentage up to 100%.

You are given goals such as collecting clocks that upon collecting provide bonus time and other goals that require you to do trick combos.

How to Perform Tricks?

The game includes tricks like frontside flip, airwalk, grinding. Ollie that you can easily perform by pressing the Ollie button (on your absolute right) and releasing it and you can Ollie.

Then there’s a flip trick button (above and on the right side of your Ollie button) which you can press and move your controller to do different flip tricks e.g. press the flip trick button and move your controller to right and it’ll do a heelflip or just press the flip trick button and it’ll do a kickflip, there’s grind button (on left side of the flip trick button) and then there’s grab, handflip, and airwalk (on the left side of grind button).


You really have to be patient with the controller while turning otherwise it will keep continuing to move you in horizontal lines.

Also, watch out for going in any wrong angles as the camera shuts off there and you are taken back in a random zone, also you lose points so that’s that.

While doing the grinds you have to be careful with your balance as well, as you can lose points on that too.

Trick Combos

There are trick combos that is that you have to do tricks in tricks. When you’re doing a flip trick you can grind in that which will give you a trick combo or you can do Double grinds which is another trick combo.

You’ll be given instructions in the game to do these combos or you can do them for fun in both cases points are provided to you.


Some downsides of the game include the jumps which in this game are low so if you want to get on any object you have to do a flip trick.

The glitches can be bad sometimes, throwing you off balance or making you pass through the walls. Getting control of the breaks and turns can be troublesome at times as well.

All in all the controls throughout the game are same in all levels and you are provided with instructions, so beginners won’t have any problem understanding the game.

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