Tomb Raider Treasure Maps Locations Guide

If you’re an achievement hunter and are looking to dig out each and every little grain that may be of value in Tomb Raider, then perhaps the first thing you should be looking for is the set of Treasure Maps in the game.

Treasure Maps are by far the most important items Lara can find after the ever-essential weapons and equipment. The main and only purpose of the Treasure Maps is to reveal the locations of all the collectables in the game, which is obviously an attractive offer for those treasure hunters out there.

This should allow you to collect some challenging achievements like No Stone Left Unturned, which requires you to collect all the collectable items (Documents, Relics, and GPS Caches) on the island.

Because of the informational value of the maps, they are not as easy to find as your everyday salvage. There are a total of 14 different maps in the game, of which 7 are located in tombs. We’ve already written in detail of the tombs and the steps involved to successfully raid them.

Know that there isn’t just one type of treasure map in the game. Some treasure maps may reveal all three types of collectables in a certain area of the island, while others may reveal a specific type of collectable only.

In addition to that, the areas that contain the treasure map often require you to use most of your equipment, such as Rope Arrows, Fire Arrows, the Ice Axe, and in rarer cases the Rope Ascender. Thus, it’s important to know the items you have before you go searching for these maps.

As stated before, 7 of the 14 treasure maps can be found by raiding the seven tombs in the game. The remaining 7 are scattered all over the place, and will often require you to look in some of the unlikeliest of places.

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Tomb Raider Treasure Maps Locations

Below are the locations which contain the treasure maps. Note that some of these locations contain tombs which have the maps, so it’s important that you know in which places and where the tombs are.

Coastal Forrest

  • 1 Treasure Map

Mountain Temple

  • 1 Treasure Map

Mountain Village

  • 2 Treasure Maps in the Tomb of the Unworthy and Hall of Ascension Tombs

Base Exterior

  • 1 Treasure Map


  • 2 Treasure Maps in the Well of Tears and Chamber of Judgment Tombs

Summit Forrest

  • 1 Treasure Map in the Stormguard Sanctum Tomb

Geothermal Caverns

  • 1 Treasure Map

Chasm Shrine

  • 1 Treasure Map

Research Base

  • 1 Treasure Map

Shipwreck Beach

  • 2 Treasure Maps in the Temple of the Handmaidens and The Flooded Vault Tombs

Cliffside Bunker

  • 1 Treasure Map

The maps below should help you easily find the locations of the Treasure Maps in the aforementioned areas.

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