Tomb Raider Relics Map Locations Guide

The harsh island on which young Lara Croft finds herself stranded and fighting for survival hides many secrets. These secrets can be covered by getting your hands on scattered collectables.

One of the collectable types is Relics. Relics can be acquired from the first area of the game. They come in various shapes and form, and are mostly ancient Japanese items. What makes them so interesting are the clues they give of the island’s history.

The relics can be simple things like coins, or can be symbolic artifacts like masks, ceremonial fans, daggers, helmets, and more. The thing about relics is that they are well-hidden, and can sometimes be found in the most unlikely of places. Thus, it is generally a good idea to keep your eyes peeled for them.

Another important thing to remember is that some relics, like other collectables in the game, will require special equipment, such as the rope arrows, fire arrows, and climbing axe. It’s thus important to attain these items and revisit some camps to collect the previously un-collectable relics.

In total, there are 42 different relics that can be collected. As stated earlier, they are split into several categories. You can unlock two achievements, i.e. Relic Hunter and Archaeologist, if you collect most of the relics. A third achievement, called No Stone Left Unturned, is earned if you collect all the Relics as well as Documents and GPS Caches.

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Below is a list of the relics, sorted according to their types:

Kanpo Herbs

  • Yagen
  • Medicinal Herb Vial
  • Dried Gobo Root

Noh Masks

  • Hannya Mask
  • Female Noh Mask
  • Oni Noh Mask

Edo Period Fans

  • Green Folded Fan
  • Gunbai War Fan

Semper Fi

  • Silver Flask
  • Old Photograph
  • USMC Dogtags

Senshi Elite

  • Japanese Dogtags
  • Marksmanship Badge

Ancient Coins

  • Japanese 2 Sen Coin
  • 100 Mon Coin
  • Portuguese Tin Coin

Bronze Coins

  • Bronze Chinese Coin
  • Bronze Japanese Coin

A Family Outing

  • Stuffed Bunny
  • Toy Train
  • Worn Wallet

Yuan Dynasty Jade

  • Brown Jade Ink Box
  • Stained Jade Head Rest
  • Shaped Jade Head Rest

Ceremonial Fans

  • Funeral Fan
  • Wedding Fan
  • Inscribed Silk Fan


  • Kanshu Burial Urn
  • Ban Chiang Vase
  • Satsuma Vase


  • Chou Dynasty Dagger
  • Jade Ceremonial Dagger
  • Japanese Ceremonial Dagger

Animal Statuary

  • Jade Horse
  • Jade Water Buffalo
  • Jade Drinking Vessel


  • Decorative Inro
  • Metal Inro
  • Commander’s Inro
  • Scribe’s Inro


  • Chou Dynasty Helmet
  • Ceremonial Helmet

Tomb Raider Relics Locations

Below are the various places you can find the relics:

Coastal Forrest

  • 3 Relics

Mountain Temple

  • 2 Relics

Mountain Village

  • 6 Relics

Base Approach

  • 2 Relics

Base Exterior

  • 2 Relics


  • 7 Relics

Summit Forrest

  • 3 Relics

Geothermal Caverns

  • 3 Relics

Chasm Shrine

  • 3 Relics

Research Base

  • 2 Relics

Shipwreck Beach

  • 6 Relics

Cliffside Bunker

  • 3 Relics

The maps below should help you easily find the locations of the Treasure Maps in the aforementioned areas.

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