Tomb Raider Documents Map Locations Guide

It’s no mere trip to an island or a Cast Away experience for young Lara Croft in Tomb Raider. Not only does the place reek of death and decay, it withholds dark secrets and a past that hints at more than just a badly mapped green rock.

One of the types of collectables that will help you unravel the enigmas of this island are Documents, which can be found in almost all regions of the game. Documents come in the shape of books.

They can be a part of the mysterious ghost shantytowns, or can belong to the Endurance’s crew members, or even be Lara’s journals; giving you further insight on her past and the folks she was with.

Lara’s Journals are automatically added as the player progresses onward, on basis of the camps visited. As for the rest, you’ll have to search around the map to collect them.

Not only do they hint out the bigger picture, they also earn you reasonable experience points, which is the direct currency for improving Lara’s skills.

Sadly, not all Documents are simple to collect; you’ll come across multiple scenarios in which you’ll need special equipment and/or a combination of speed and skill to get to their location.

There are a total of 54 Tomb Raider Documents, and they come in multiple categories. If you manage to get 75% of them, you’ll unlock the suitably named Bookworm and Historian achievements. A third achievement is also available, which requires you to find all Documents, Relics, and GPS Caches (the latter two are separate categories of collectables).

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There are 8 different types of Documents available. These are:

  • Ancient Documents – Indicating old conflicts that took place on the island.
  • Endurance Officers – Belonging to the Endurance officers.
  • Lara’s Journals – Personal journals by Lara, unlocked on camps.
  • Confessions of a Solarii – Documents of the Solarii group members.
  • Diaries of a Madman – Name says it all.
  • Wartime Intelligence – Documents that belonged to scientists and soldiers of intelligence.
  • Endurance Crew – Belonging to the crew of the Endurance.
  • GPS Secrets – Strange documents of some mysterious mission.

Tomb Raider Documents Map Locations

Below are the various places you can find the documents:

Coastal Forest

  • 5 Documents

Mountain Temple

  • 2 Documents

Mountain Village

  • 7 Documents

Cliffside Bunker

  • 4 Documents


  • 5 Documents

Summit Forest

  • 2 Documents

Geothermal Caverns

  • 3 Documents

Chasm Shrine

  • 3 Documents

Research Base

  • 3 Documents

Shipwreck Beach

  • 4 Documents

The maps below should help you easily find the locations of the Treasure Maps in the aforementioned areas.

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