Tomb Raider Collectibles Guide – Documents, Relics and GPS Caches

In the current generation of singleplayer gaming, the secondary objectives and co-curricular activities are just about as essential a content as the main plot itself. Thus, it was quite obvious to expect an open-worldish action adventure such as Tomb Raider to feature such stuff.

One of the essential secondary activities that Lara Croft can engage in is hunting down collectables. These collectables not only give you ample experience reward and a generous amount of achievements, but also a good insight of what the Yamatai Island is all about, and also of Lara’s recent past.

In addition to the good bit of information, finding collectables is quite a challenge itself, and also a nice excuse to explore places that would otherwise be easily overlooked.

Finding the Collectibles
There are many collectables in the game that are beyond reach without a certain type of equipment, or without a specific upgrade for a specific item that Lara possesses. It’s thus recommended that you go hunting for collectibles once you have acquired the necessary equipment, and also gotten the basic upgrades for them.

A great way to locate the collectibles is by acquiring the Treasure Maps. There are 14 maps in total, of which 7 of them are hidden in tombs. Sadly, acquiring the Treasure Maps is in itself a fairly lengthy task. However, it’s perhaps more fun than collecting the collectables itself, as it involves raiding tombs and solving puzzles.

The island itself is divided into several regions. Thankfully, camps can act as checkpoints as well as fast travel areas for Lara, so she can travel back and forth between camps that she has unlocked. It’s thus easy for one person to go to previously missed areas to collect the collectables.

Treasure Maps
You will have to finish all Tomb Raider Tombs to unlock retrieve these Treasure Maps. For more help on Tombs, read our Tombs Locations and Walkthrough. For more help on Treasure Maps, read our Treasure Maps Locations Guide.

Related Achievements
The following are the achievements related to collectables:

  • Bookworm – 25% of all documents found
  • Historian – 75% of all documents found
  • Relic Hunter – 25% of all relics collected
  • Archaeologist – 75% of all relics collected
  • Looking for Trouble – 25% of all GPS caches found
  • Bag Full O’ Cache – 75% of all GPS caches found
  • No Stone Left Unturned –All documents, relics, and GPS caches found

For more help on Tomb Raider, read our Challenges and XP and Salvage Farming.

Tomb Raider Collectibles Locations

Collectibles in Tomb Raider come in different forms. Overall, the game categorizes in to three types:

Documents are books and scripts that are scattered all over the island, and are the greatest method of learning about the war-torn history of the place. In addition to the letters and journals belonging to the ancient inhabitants, there are also Lara’s own personal journals unlocked in every camp, which give a good clue about her past and possible future. For help in finding all these documents, refer to our Documents Map Locations Guide.

Relics are in the form of ancient goodies that can be found in many places of the island. They come in all shapes and sizes, be it coins, daggers, toys, or helms. Relics also give a good clue of the events that occurred in the past on the island. For help in finding all these relics, refer to our Relics Map Locations Guide.

GPS Caches
Perhaps the least revealing stuff is the GPS Caches, which are also the most abundant type of collectable. These caches don’t give much information, but they are essential if you want to attain the No Stone Left Unturned Achievement. For help in finding all these GPS Caches, refer to our GPS Caches Map Locations Guide.

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