Tokyo Ghoul: Dark War Guide – Growing Heroes, Hero Stars, Stage Missions (Beginners Guide)

The phenomenon anime finally has a mobile game! You get to play through the complicated story of Ken Kaneki and try to fight the various different ghouls and humans in your path. There is a lot of stuff to learn to finally end the Dark War, and this Tokyo Ghoul: Dark War Guide will help you along the way.

Our Tokyo Ghoul: Dark War Guide will tell you all of the basics of the game such as how to master the controls and all of the skills that you can learn. We will also give you various different tips and tricks to help you learn the advanced stuff.

Tokyo Ghoul: Dark War Guide

While selecting the server, remember that selecting a new server will be much more challenging than the old ones, but can still be fun. There are a lot of servers so go on them and talk to the players who have played on them to see if the server would fit you.

The controlling system is very comfortable and does not seem to have a lot of complications. The left joystick is used to move your hero and you can follow the blue arrows to move.

The powers prompt will appear to you in the game and you will not have any trouble understanding them all at the beginning of the game. The attacking buttons are found at the bottom right of the screen along with the special skills which go on cooldown once used.

Let us go ahead and look at the various different tips and tricks in this Tokyo Ghoul: Dark War Guide to help you get accustomed to the game.

Your control skills can be used to stop enemies and their skills. Remember how each attack looks like before it is fired to ensure that you can avoid the skills that would deal you massive damage.

Each character is of one type or the other and has unique skills and traits. For that reason, it is best to pick a character that works well for your style.

Stage Missions

Whenever you are at a specific stage, you will have three different optional missions for you to do. You will get a star for each of the missions and that will result in gold and other gems for you. Keep on doing the star missions and collecting stars whichever way you can.

Eventually, you will be able to access the Star Shop that has hero fragments for you among other things. This is probably the best way to get your hands on new heroes.

Special Enemies

During the first act of the game, you will be told about the Special Enemies that you will face. They have a special indicator and they can do stuff such as poisoning you or mirroring your attacks. Do not worry about them though, as they are not really that difficult to deal with.

You can easily take out Special Enemies before they have any chance to inflict any substantial damage on you. Unless you are playing hard mode, in which case, either kill them quickly or AVOID THEM AT ALL COSTS.

Growing Heroes

Remember to grow your heroes as much as you can. When you do that, you will increase the rarity of the hero by 1 that will give them a boost in stats and new skills. You can grow a hero by using evolutionary cells along with evolution potions.

Evolutionary Cells can be easily found in the game and you will collect them without a hassle. For the potions, check their drop points in the grow section and then replay their stages until you get them.

Heroes and their Stars

Stars are by far the most important thing that impacts your heroes. The more the stars, the stronger your hero.

When you boost a hero to two stars, their growth rate will increase and they will get more stats whenever they level up. Try to level up their stars as early as you can so you can profit the most.

To increase the stars, find hero’s fragments. They can drop in certain stages that you can find out in the hero’s page, quite similar to the growth potions we mentioned earlier. You can also get them through the usual means by hero drawing.

That is all we have for our Tokyo Ghoul: Dark War Guide. Let us know if we missed something using the comments section below!

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