Titanfall Titan Weapons, Ordnance, Tactical Abilities and Tier Kits Guide

Selecting the weapons loadout for your Titan is your first and most important task in Titanfall. Different weapons in the game decide how you will engage the enemy Titans and Pilots.

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Titanfall Titan Weapons, Ordnance and Tier Kits

There will be different attachments and mods for the weapons demanding different strategies to engage with the enemy titans. Know everything you need to know about the weapons arsenal at your disposal before you take your titan against the enemy in the battlefield:

Titan Weapons

40mm Cannon
This cannon is a semi-automatic weapon that comes with very high accuracy and explosive rounds, making it a very ideal weapon for taking out multiple minions at the same time but be warned that it might not prove such an effective asset against the Pilots that are constantly on the move.

40mm Cannon has a very large magazine and is a great weapon to have when going against the Titan in a mid or close-range combat. Why? Because continues shots at the enemy will wear them down and missing a few shots is not that big of a deal.

Mods supported by 40mm Cannon:

  • Burst Fire
  • Extended Magazine

Quad Rocket
Quad Rocket fires four rockets when using primary firing mode. However, in the alternate fire mode, it will shoot slow swirls of rockets that are pretty effective.

Do note that it has extremely low magazine capacity and due to slow shots, the Titans and Pilots can evade the incoming shots rather easily.

Quad Rocket is very handy when you are defending and want the enemies to stay away from your position. It is most effective against the Titans when you use it in a close range. Avoid it using it in the long range as it decreases the effectiveness of this weapon.

Quad Rocket supports following Mods:

  • Extended Magazine
  • Rapid Fire

XO-16 Chaingun
XO-16 Chaingun fires fully automatic ballistics bullets with extremely high accuracy at a medium range. It has a great magazine capacity and is great for taking out multiple Pilots and AI enemies.

The weapon’s magazine is its biggest strength so even if you miss a few shots you will still have done quite some damage. It is relatively weak when you are in Titan vs. Titan combat.

When using this weapon, keep your focus on the Pilots and Minions to score more kills for your team and use the Stryder Titan to move around picking off any player on foot.

Mods available for XO-16 Chaingun:

  • Extended Magazine
  • Accelarator

Plasma Railgun
Plasma Railgun shoots a charged pulse with incredible accuracy at a long range though it takes some time to get fully charged but once it’s fully charged, it can be held until you decide to fire it.

It deals huge damage upon impact.

Although the gun has slower fire rate but is very effective when it lands on the target. Try staying on the distance from the other Titans to deal more damage to them and use the mod of extended magazine so that you don’t run out of bullets.

Don’t waste this weapon on the Pilots or Minions. It has very slow rate of fire and requires extreme precision so it would be best if you take on the Titans with this gun. The Plasma is unlocked at Level-12.

Plasma Railgun Mods:

  • Extended Magazine
  • Instant Shot

Arc Cannon
Arc Cannon fires lightning bolts that spreads across multiple targets. It can fire back to back bullets or you can charge it for the increase in firepower.

It is a great weapon against the both Titans and Pilots and the best part is, you don’t have to reload at all.

Range of Arc Cannon is limited. You will have to be very accurate with this one to get the kills. Charging of weapon does take time but the entire wait is worth it when you go against the Titans and Pilots.

Use this weapon as a support when you are surrounded by friendly Titans. It will not only make your life easier but also help your teammates get hold of the match. Arc Cannon unlocks at Level 21.

Arc Cannon Mod:

  • Capacitor

Triple Threat
Triple Threat is a grenade launcher that can shoot three grenades at once. It is a great weapon when against the enemy’s Titan at a close range.

Don’t try it on the Pilots as they can avoid it by running away. Use it for the Titans and the Minions as they are not that much mobile.

It has limited Magazine so it should mostly be used as a defensive weapon with cover nearby. Fire and run to the cover immediately or you can keep shooting to suppress enemy at a distance. The triple Threat unlocks at Level 28.

Mods for Triple Threat:

  • Extended Magazine
  • Mine Field

Titan Weapon Mods

Extended Magazine
As the name suggests, this mod increases the capacity of ammo allowing you to carry more ammo so you don’t have too much trouble in the combat.

Mine Field
This mode lets the weapon fire the ballistic mines, which are planted on the ground and then blow up when they are triggered by the enemies.

This mode allows you to have more charge than usual so you don’t have to recharge every single time. One good charge and you are good to go for few seconds.

Instant Shot
This mod will allow your weapon to fire rapidly without the need for re-charging, so it is great mod for Plasma Railgun.

This mode allows the weapon to increase the rate of fire with time. It starts slowly and then builds up to a faster fire rate.

Rapid Fire
This mod lets you convert the Quad Rocket into a semi-automatic launcher, but only one missile will be fired with one trigger.

Burst Fire
This mod will let you fire the three-round burst. It is a very helpful mod when going against the human enemies.

Titan Ordnance

All the Titans are equipped with missile pods. The Primary Weapon and Ordnance are a combination, so be careful when choosing them. You want a missile that is suitable against both the Titans and Pilots.

Rocket Salvo
Rocket Salvo fires a horde of unguided rockets making it your best option when taking out multiple opponents. It is very handy once you get good at aiming.

These rockets are very effective against the Titans and can take them out because there is no way of escaping the manual targets.

Slaved Warheads
The Warhead needs to be locked on to the target before you can shoot, but when you finally shoot, there will be number of missiles heading towards your target.

These Warheads are great when you are one on one with the Titan as they guarantee a shot and does a lot of damage. Only thing you need is a bit of room to maneuver to safety yourself.

Cluster Missile
This missile upon impact deploys a huge number of secondary explosives that continue to explode for a few seconds. It’s a great choice when going against the Titans and Pilots because whatever they do, they cannot run after the impact so they will keep on taking damage.

You need to be at a close or a mid-range with the opponents for this weapon to really work. These missiles are unlocked at Level 24.

Multi-Target Missile System
As the name suggests, these missiles will let you hit multiple targets at the same time.

Just hold the button and paint the targets then release to enjoy the fireworks. Multi-Target Missile is extremely effective and does a lot of damage upon impact. It let’s you engage the Titans because they are usually in the open areas.

Just be sure to fire before the Titan gets into the cover.

Titan Tactical Abilities

Just like the Pilots, the Titans are given a choice to use the Tactical ability to get an advantage on the battlefield. Following are the Tactical abilities available in the game:

Vortex Shield
This shield captures the incoming fires and shoots them back at the enemies. It is a great Tactical ability especially when going against the Titan as it will allow you to fire back the weapons that were shot at you.

Electric Smoke
This smoke upon impact damages all the Pilots and the Titans in that area.

It is the best defense against the pilots that try to Rodeo attack you. It is very effective ability to lose the enemies that are chasing you throughout the map. This ability unlocks at Level 13.

Particle Wall
The Particle Wall is a force field that blocks all the attacks from the enemies and let you shoot through it so you can do the damage without taking any. This ability unlocks at Level 26.

Titan Tier Kits

Tier Kits are available in the Titanfall to make the Titans more effective on the battlefield. Choose the kit that will help you with your Primary weapon and Ordnance.

Tier #1 Kit

Nuclear Ejection
When using this kit, upon ejection the Pilot will explode and cause damage to anyone who is nearby. When your Titan is going down just eject and let the Titan take care of the rest.

Regen Booster
This kit will let your titan to regenerate the body shield faster. Once your shields are down, just recharge it with faster time and it will help you stay in your Titan and deal more damage to the opponents.

Fast Autoloader
This kit helps you in reloading your ordnance in lesser time, which can prove to be really helpful in the combat as you would be using the explosives more often. This can turn the tide of the match. You can unlock this ability at Level 14.

Dash Quickcharger
This ability lets you charge the Dashes at a faster rate. It is for the players who like to move around a lot on the map. It will recharge the Dash and can prove to be very helpful especially playing as Stryder Titan. This ability is unlocked at Level 38.

Tactical Reactor
This kit makes your Tactical ability charge faster.

The tactical abilities are the most important part of the Titan and the kit will allow you to use these abilities regularly. This ability is unlocked at Level 46.

Tier 2 Kit

This ability will eject you as soon your Titan is doomed and you will also be cloaked once you are ejected to make it to the safe place.

With this ability equipped, you can be sure that there is nothing that can take you out in the Titan and upon its doom, you will be ejected automatically.

With this ability your Titan’s health will deplete at a slower rate when doomed, which allows you to stay in the combat for a longer period of time.

Core Extender
This ability allows the Titan to use the core ability for a longer period of time. This means that the Shield Core, Dash Core or Damage core will stay activated whenever you have this ability, but it unlocks at Level 23.

Big Punch
With this ability your Titan’s Melee attacks will work faster and deal increased damage, making it an ideal choice in close range combat especially with the Ogre Titan. The ability will be unlocked at Level 41.

Core Accelerator
This ability recharges your Titan’s Core ability with speed. It will basically recharge Shield, Dash or Damage Core very quickly. It unlocks at Level 47.

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