Titanfall 2 Weapons Guide – Primary, Secondary, Anti-Titan, Tips and Strategies

Titanfall 2 Weapons Guide to help you get a better understanding of all Primary, Secondary, and Anti-Titan Weapons in the game alongside various tips and strategies.

In addition to having a deep understanding of the game’s movement system and combat mechanics, you need to have the good-enough equipment to back your mechanics up. There are a lot of weapons to choose from in Titanfall 2 and choosing the weapons according to your playstyle, game mode, and maps can get you a significant advantage over the other players.

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Titanfall 2 Weapons Guide

In our Titanfall 2 Weapons Guide, we have broken down all the available weapons in the game along with tips and strategies to help you get a clear understanding of each weapon’s strengths and weaknesses and how to use them effectively.

Primary Weapons

Assault Rifles

R-201 Carbine
The weapon has manageable recoil which bodes well with its impressive range. The weapon, however, has the lowest base damage output of all available Assault Rifles in the game – do bear this thing in mind in straight-up 1-on-1 confrontations.

You should also try and fire in small bursts for long-range engagements in order to maintain accuracy. It is, however, important to understand that R-201 Carbine can get outshined by other rifles in the game – both at close-range and long-range confrontations.

If you are new to the game, you should definitely give it a whirl and rack some easy minion/pilot kills.

Hemlok BF-R
As the only burst-fire Assault Rifle in the game, the weapon boasts impressive base damage output and can eliminate Pilots in 1-2 bursts – provided that you are accurate with your shots. The weapon truly shines at mid-range to long-range engagements, but if you find yourself in a CQC situation; either try and switch to a side-arm or quickly hip-fire.

Hemlok BF-R should help you farm Minions faster than anything else in the game. You need to make sure to keep a sound distance between you and enemy pilots and you should have no problems at all.

Since the weapon drains quite a lot of ammunition, make sure to select the Extra Ammo.

G2A5 is the only semi-automatic Assault Rifle in the game and boasts impressive base damage and range. These strengths are countered by small clip-size and slow rate-of-fire. With this weapon, you should try and solely focus on eliminating enemy pilots. Due to the weapon’s small clip-size, you do not want to get caught while farming minions.

It is also important that you have a decent side-arm for close-range engagements – it is better to avoid an Anti-Titan Weapon with G2A5. If you are not comfortable with the weapon’s iron-sights, you should definitely try HCOG Ranger Optic and the Extra Ammo.

V-47 Flatline
The weapon has better raw damage output and clip-size as compared to R-201 Carbine but lacks when it comes to accuracy and uncontrollable recoil. Due to these factors, it is better to use the weapon at medium-to-close range – avoid long-range confrontations if you can.

You are, however, prone to run into players running with SMGs at close-range which is why the Gun Ready mod is something worth considering. I do not really recommend using V-47 Flatline for long-range confrontations as it gets outclassed by most of the long-range weapons in the game.

Submachine Guns

Similar to R-201 Carbine, this is well round-off SMG in the game with decent range, damage, and recoil management. The weapon does not have the best damage output in the world, but its impressive recoil management and rate-of-fire make up for its weaknesses.

Since the weapon benefits from laser-like accuracy, you should try and hip-fire during CQC. As for mods, it is worthwhile to consider the Extra Ammo and the Speedloader.

This weapon has arguably the best damage output when it comes to SMGs in the game. However, it lacks when it comes to effective range and recoil management. Due to these factors, it is a good idea to use the weapons in in-doors. When confronting enemy pilots at medium-to-long range, you will most probably get out-ranged by players using Assault Rifles and other SMGs.

Apart from that, the weapon also has a small clip-size, forcing you to reload often. In order to counter it, you should definitely consider having a Pistol in place of an Anti-Titan Weapon as well as the Extra Ammo and the Speedloader mods.

While Volt is easily the most accurate weapon in the SMG category, it does lack when it comes to base damage output and slow rate-of-fire. Therefore, when using Volt, you should always aim for scoring headshots – this is the best way of using the weapon.

I do not recommend using the weapon in interiors – where you will easily be outgunned by the likes of Alternator, R-97, etc. – and should confine yourself to medium-range combat. Since the weapon has high accuracy and slow rate-of-fire, you need to consider the Gun Ready mod which should allow you to fire first and win most, if not all, of the engagements.

This weapon can be considered as Skorpion Evo from Call of Duty: Black Ops II. The main strengths of R-97 are its very high rate-of-fire and clip-size. On the downside, it suffers from uncontrollable recoil and poor accuracy. Due to these things, this weapon is best used for indoor engagements.

You need to avoid open spaces and medium-to-long range engagements when every other SMG in the game can easily counter R-97. Another thing that you need to keep in mind is running out of ammunition because of the weapon’s rate-of-fire. It is recommended that you use Speedloader in order to counter this.

Lightmachine Guns

This weapon has the largest clip-size of all Primary Weapons in the game alongside a decent base damage output. However, it lacks when it comes to unmanageable recoil and sluggish reload speed. Spitfire shines at almost all ranges, but it is recommended that you hip-fire at CQC.

The weapon is pretty decent for taking out a large group of minions/pilots, but if you are forced to reload, it is better to find a safe spot before doing so. You should also consider the Speedloader mod in order to reduce the reload time by a small margin.

L-star is the only energy-based LMG in the game which has pretty decent base damage output. Needless to say, but the weapon does not require reloading but can overheat after prolonged use. While using the weapon, you must learn how to manage its temperatures.

The weapon has pretty manageable recoil, making it great for close-to-medium range confrontations. One important thing to note about L-star is that its red muzzle flash can obscure accuracy by a small margin. You should try using the HCOG Ranger in order to prevent that.

X-55 Devotion
X-55 Devotion has a pretty decent damage output and gets increased rate-of-fire as you continue to fire it – making it kind of a unique weapon. If you want to take advantage of its high rate-of-fire, you must learn how to control its recoil which can be difficult.

The weapon’s unique attributes make it worthwhile to farm minions and pilots crowded together. This should also cause you to run out of ammunition often which is why I recommend the Speedloader and the Extra Ammo on this weapon.

Sniper Rifles

Kraber-AP Sniper Rifle
This is the highest damage Primary Weapon in the game but requires exceptional accuracy to execute enemies. However, it is important to note that the weapon has a slow rate-of-fire and small clip-size which is why you should avoid farming minions with this and solely focus on enemy pilots.

It is recommended that you select a decent sidearm so that you are never caught off-guard while moving from one vantage point to the other. Apart from that, try using the Extra Ammo mod in order to counter the weapon’s small clip-size.

D-2 Double Take
This weapon has pretty decent damage and boasts Quick Target Acquisition which makes it great for eliminating enemy pilots at the medium-to-close range. However, the weapon suffers from slow rate-of-fire which is why you should try and have a sidearm at all times.

When it comes to Weapon Mods, you should definitely try the Extra Ammo and the Speedloader. I do not recommend an optic since the default one is pretty decent in its own right.

Similar to other Sniper Rifles in the game, this weapon lacks when it comes to rate-of-fire and small clip-size, but makes up for it with exceptional base damage output and precision targeting. While using Longbow-DMR, you should easily be able to score a kill with a well-placed headshot, but it requires 2-3 shots to torso – this is something important that you need to bear in mind.

Once again, it is recommended that you use the Extra Ammo mod for this Sniper Rifle. Alternatively, you can also try out the Quick Swap in order to swap to your side-arm much quicker.


Eva-8 Auto
This fully-automatic weapon not only benefits from its exceptional rate-of-fire but also from impressive base damage output. However, with other shotguns, you need to be fairly accurate with this weapon and know how to manage its limited ammunition.

Moreover, it is recommended that you use this weapon in interiors as it is fairly easy to get outgunned by other Primary Weapons in the game. It is also recommended to try the Extra Ammo and the Speedloader in order to prevent that.

This is an auto-loading shotgun with a decent wide-spread, allowing you to eliminate multiple pilots/minions at the same time. Despite the fact that the weapon has impressive base damage output, do note that the weapon has very sluggish reload speed and a small clip-size.

As with Eva-8 Auto shotgun, it is recommended that you always fire from the hip. Moreover, you should also try and select the Extra Ammo and the Speedloader in order to lessen some of the weaknesses of the weapon.

Secondary Weapons


Hammond P2016
This semi-automatic pistol excels when it comes to raw damage output combined with exceptional accuracy – but this is something expected of a semi-automatic weapon. However, since this is a pistol, you cannot expect to use it at the medium-to-long range as its damage continues to decrease with increased range.

In addition to this, the weapon also suffers from a mediocre clip-size. All things considered, it is highly recommended that you select either the Extra Ammo or the Quick Swap mods for this.

SA-3 Mozambique
This is a triple-barrel shotgun pistol which truly shines at close-quarter confrontations. With more than enough base damage output, you should no problems weakening an enemy pilot with your Primary Weapon and finishing them off with SA-3 Mozambique.

However, it is important to note that this weapon not only suffers from slow rate-of-fire but also from limited ammunition. Due to these things, you should try and select either the Extra Ammo or the Quick Swap mods.

RE-45 Auto
This fully-automatic Pistol not only has pretty decent rate-of-fire for a handgun, but also a fairly large clip-size. These things, however, makes it a poor weapon when it comes to effective damage output and range.

Similar to other Pistols in the game, if you have a Primary Weapon with high damage output and smaller clip-size, you should definitely consider finishing off weakened enemy pilots using RE-45 Auto. Coming to Weapon Mods, you should try out the Suppressor which should allow you to finish off enemies before they have a chance to react without giving away your position.

B3 Wingman
This is probably one of the most accurate weapons in the game when you have ADS and also has excellent base damage output for a Pistol. However, its slow rate-of-fire and small clip-size require pretty decent accuracy – preferably headshots. Like with other Pistols in the game, it is recommended that you either go with the Extra Ammo or the Quick Swap as your Weapon Mods.

Anti-Titan Weapons

Charge Rifle
From close-to-long range, this AT Weapon has great damage output and is easily one of the best AT guns in the game. However, the weapon does suffer from painfully long charge time which is why you need to equip the Charge Hack mod as soon as possible. Do note that with the Charge Hack mod, you get some damage reduction, but it is nothing you cannot live without.

MGL Grenade Launcher
This Magnetic Grenade Launcher makes it very easy to hit Titans in the game and boasts an impressive rate-of-fire for an AT Weapon. However, before you jump in to use this weapon, do bear in mind that it has painfully slow reload times, limited ammunition, and subpar base damage output.

Moreover, this AT Weapon lacks when it comes to long-range engagements. Since you would be using this weapon at medium-to-close range, you need to have the Quick Swap and the Extra Ammo mods.

LG-97 Thunderbolt
This AT Weapon deals electrical damage to enemies and has both exceptional range and accuracy. However, if suffers from slow rate-of-fire and reload times which is why you need to have the Speedloader and the Quick Swap equipped at all times.

This AT Weapon has built-in lock-on which prevents you from missing your shots. Given the fact that the weapon has high damage against Titans, this built-in feature work really well. However, this lock-on thing can also become quite frustrating because it is required in order to fire a shot. Moreover, the weapon’s sluggish reload times can make it really hard to get out of a tight situation at times.

All things said, I highly recommend the Speedloader and the Quick Swap on Archer.

his is all we have on Titanfall 2 Weapons Guide. If there is anything else you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!

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