Titanfall 2 Titans Guide – Titan Kits, Types of Titans, Tips and Strategy

Titanfall 2 Titans Guide to help you understand everything you need to know about 6 different types of Titans, Titan Kits, and tips to help you learn more about strengths and weaknesses of each Titan in the game.

As soon as you initiate the Titanfall and take control of your Titan, everything from your character movement to weapons, kits, and arsenal changes. Keeping this in view, your strategies on how you should approach a particular situation should also change.

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Titanfall 2 Titans Guide

In our Titanfall 2 Titans Guide, we have detailed everything you need to know about six Titans in the game and how to play them effectively.

Titan Kits

There are a number of Titan Kits available to choose from. When choosing a Titan Kit, you need to consider the Multiplayer Map and the Game Mode that you are playing as it can create the difference between winning or losing a game. This section of guide deals with different Titan Kits that are available at Pilots’ disposal in the game.

Assault Chip
Improves Auto-Titan precision and enables the use of offensive and utility abilities.

This one is unlocked by default and enhances Auto-Titan precision. If you do not feel like taking control of your Titan, you can choose one of two Auto-Titan modes i.e. Follow Mode or Guard Mode. The former makes your Titan follow you around and dealing damage to nearby enemies while the latter one makes a Titan hold a point and defend itself.

If you prefer to be a Pilot and have an extra AI-controlled man on the field, this Titan Kit is pretty cool to have. In comparison to normal Auto-Titan, this Titan Kit allows your Titan to be even smarter at using both offensive and defensive abilities.

Stealth Auto-Eject
Automatically eject and Cloak when your Titan is doomed, preventing Pilot death.

While controlling a Titan, it is very important that you think ahead and plan things like your exit strategy. However, if you somehow always get caught while ejecting a Doomed Titan, this Titan Kit should definitely help you out.

Normally, enemies tend to gather around a Doomed Titan in the hopes of eliminating the Pilot within – and they succeed at it most of the times. However, with this Titan Kit, you get an extra layer of defence which can help you avoid getting eliminated after getting out of a Titan.

Turbo Engine
Adds one extra dash.

When it comes to Titans, dashes are arguably one of the most important aspects that you need to learn as early as possible. Dashes not only allow you to gain a small speed boost but can also create a difference between winning or losing a gunfight.

With dashes, you cannot only avoid getting hit by incoming fire, but can also dash behind a cover, get a Titan Battery installed, and drastically improve your effectiveness in a match. I cannot stress enough how careful you need to be with using your dashes. Since you get a limited amount of dashes available to you, you need to be smart when it comes to using them.

This Titan Kit basically allows you to have one extra dash which makes it one of the strongest Titan Kits in the game, provided that you are good with using dashes to your advantage.

Your Titan starts with a 20 percent head start on their Core’s build time.

Whether or not you should use this Titan Kit largely depends on upon what Titan you are playing. In my opinion, some Core Abilities are much better than the others so it is one of the factors that should dictate your decision.

In addition to this, this Titan Kit only reduces Core’s build time for the first usage after Titanfall. There are no bonuses after using the Core Ability for the first time so it is something that you need to keep in mind.

Nuclear Ejection
Ejecting while doomed causes your Titan to detonate its Core, causing nearby enemies massive damage.

This Titan Kit is again for players who seem to have difficulties in formulating a decent exit strategy and are nearly always caught while ejecting a Doomed Titan. This Titan Kit in addition to Stealth Auto-Eject aims at preventing that.

If there are enemies near your Doomed Titan, trying to eliminate you as you eject, this Titan Kit should help you deal a massive amount of damage to all nearby enemies. However, one important thing that you need to note here is no to stay around your Titan for longer durations of time or you will get caught in the blast radius.

Counter Ready
One extra Electric Smoke countermeasure.

If you have problems dealing with Pilots continuously trying to rodeo-attack you or you have problems escaping a heated battle, this Titan Kit should definitely help you out. At the start of a Multiplayer Match, you get a limited amount of Electric Smoke countermeasures which you must use carefully – in addition to your dashes.

However, if you cannot seem to prevent getting rodeo-attacked in most of the game, maybe you should try running with Counter Ready Titan Kit.

Protects your Titan after Titanfall.

After a Titan lands on the ground, it is protected by a temporary shield called the Dome-Shield. This shield is capable of absorbing a huge amount of damage but does not last forever which is why you need to get to Titan as early as possible.

Once you have taken control of your Titan, do not immediately head out of your Dome-Shield. Instead, stay inside for a moment and plan your next move. While playing as a Pilot, do not step inside an enemy’s Dome-Shield as it will damage you.

Faster, warped-in Titanfall.

This one is pretty straightforward! This Titan Kit basically allows you to get your Titan from Titanfall quicker than normal. However, I highly recommend Dome-Shield over Warpfall.

Titanfall 2 Titans

There is a total of six Titans in Titanfall 2. This section of the guide should provide you with an overview of everything you need to know about playing them effectively.


This Titan requires energy for almost doing everything. Ion’s energy replenishes over time, but it definitely prevents players from spamming its abilities all over the map. The idea is to avoid spamming abilities and conserve your energy so that you are not caught off-guard and without any leftover energy.

The Titan is also equipped with a Laser Shot which deals a huge amount of damage but requires decent accuracy. As an escape tool, the Titan has a Trip Wire that can block anyone’s path who is in your pursuit. Lastly, Ion has a Vortex Shield which absorbs all incoming projectiles and hurls them back to the source.

Ion Abilities

  • Laser Core – Heavy, chest-fired laser cannon
  • Laser Shot – Precision shoulder laser
  • Vortex Shield – Blocks and returns incoming fire
  • Tripwire – Laser-triggered explosive mines

Ion Kit

  • Entangled Energy – Splitter Rifle critical hits restore energy
  • Zero-Point Trip Wire – Trip Wire deployment uses zero energy
  • Vortex Amplifier – Increases Vortex Shield’s return damage output by 20 percent
  • Grand Cannon – Laser Core lasts longer


This Titan is all about dealing constant damage to your enemies but lacks in mobility. This lack of mobility can cause enemy Titans to dash away after receiving a massive amount of damage and replenish their Titan Shield. In order to prevent that, it is highly recommended that you have Turbo Engine equipped on Scorch because of additional mobility that it offers.

While playing as Scorch, you need to make sure that you set up Incendiary Traps near objectives and at choke points. You can also place them near enemy Titans who are in combat with your friendly Titans to give your friendlies an advantage. Firewall is another decent ability which you can use in combination with Incendiary Traps to control an area.

Finally, there is Thermal Shield which can destroy incoming projectiles and enemies caught within the blast radius. It may not sound as good as Ion’s Vortex Shield, but it can help you out in a number of tight situations.

Scorch Abilities

  • Flame Core – Thermite shock wave that engulfs targets along its path
  • Firewall – Fires a directed wall of thermite
  • Thermal Shield – Melts incoming fire and burns nearby enemies
  • Incendiary Trap – Fills an area with thermite, ignitable gas

Scorch Kit

  • Wildfire Launcher – Increased thermite from the T-203 Thermite Launcher
  • Tempered Plating – Decreased self-damage from your own thermite
  • Inferno Shield – Increased damage and duration for Thermal Shield
  • Fuel for the Fire – Firewall lasts longer


With this Titan, directly heading inside a battle and hoping to score some kills is never a good idea. While playing Northstar, you need to have a calm and calculating approach. You need to sit back, take your time, and let enemies come to you.

You need to highly accurate with your weapon in order to score some kills so make sure to practice that. And while you are waiting for your enemies to come to you, place your Tether Traps at choke points in order to avoid any unexpected surprises. Lastly, you do not possess a whole lot of Titan Armor which is why engaging an opposing Titan head-on is never a good idea.

Northstar Abilities

  • Flight Core – Hover, unleashing rockets at targets below
  • Cluster Missile – Creates sustained explosions on impact
  • Tether Trap – Mine that locks down nearby enemy Titans
  • VTOL Hover – Vertical takeoff hover

Northstar Kit

  • Piercing Shot – Plasma Railgun rounds fire through targets
  • Enhanced Payload – Cluster Missile’s secondary explosions hit a larger range and last longer
  • Twin Traps – Tether Trap fires two traps
  • Viper Thrusters – Move faster during Flight Core


The best strategy to play this Titan is to always be on the move and leave your enemies second-guessing. You need to try and stay behind cover and use your Ricochet Rounds in order to deal damage without receive any in return.

In addition to this, Phase Dash is arguably Ronin’s one of the strongest abilities so you need to take advantage of it as much as you possibly can. Use this ability to flank enemies and to get a good angle for your Titan Sword. Once you have dealt enough damage, make sure to use Arc Wave in order to deal a significant amount of damage using Arc Wave and finish the job.

Ronin Abilities

  • Sword Core – Electrifies broadsword, empowering attacks and Sword Block
  • Arc Wave – Slows and damages enemies
  • Sword Block – Reduces damage from incoming fire
  • Phase Dash – Quick, directional phase shift

Ronin Kit

  • Ricochet Rounds – The Leadwall’s rounds bounce off surfaces
  • Thunderstorm – Arc Wave has two charges
  • Temporal Anomaly – Phase Dash is available more often
  • Highlander – Titan kills extend the duration of Sword Core


This one is arguably one of my most favourite Titans in the game. While playing with Tone, you need to use your Sonar Lock as much as possible to get an idea of what is coming next. As for using your Particle Wall, the best way to place it is in narrow corridors and choke points. Lastly, you need to time your Salvo Core in such a manner that you give enemies little to no room for escaping.

Tone Abilities

  • Salvo Core – Guided missiles that follow where Tone aims
  • Tracking Rockets – Fires missiles at fully-locked enemies
  • Particle Wall – Force field blocks incoming fire on one side
  • Sonar Lock – Reveals enemies in an area

Tone Kit

  • Enhanced Tracker Rounds – Critical hits apply two tracker marks on targets
  • Reinforced Particle Wall – Particle Wall lasts longer and blocks more damage
  • Pulse-Echo – After a short delay, Sonar Pulse echoes a second pulse
  • Rocket Barrage – Tracker Rockets fire two additional missiles


One of the strongest pieces of equipment at Legion’s disposal is its Smart Core. However, you should avoid waiting for the lock-on and just continue firing in order to hit multiple targets at the same time. Legion is one of the most effective Titans in the game when it comes to pushing.

All that you need to do is to activate your Gun Shield and continue pushing forward. However, you should try and constantly communicate with your teammates to let them know that you are pushing so that they are able to help you out or make plays on the other side of the map.

Legion Abilities

  • Smart Core – Automatic smart lock-on to targets
  • Power Shot – Knocks back nearby enemies and damages them
  • Gun Shield – Shield deployed around the Predator Cannon
  • Mode Switch – Switch between close-range and long-range precision rounds

Legion Kit

  • Enhanced Ammo Capacity – Increases the ammo capacity of the Predator Cannon
  • Sensor Array – Smart Core lasts longer
  • Bulwark – Gun Shield blocks substantially more damage
  • Light-Weight Alloys – Move faster while the Predator Cannon is spun up

This is all we have on Titanfall 2 Titans Guide. If there is anything else you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!

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