Titanfall 2 Release Date is August 30, Suggests Retailer [RUMOR]

While Electronic Arts has confirmed the release date of Battlefield 1 to be October 21, they are yet to announce the Titanfall 2 release date. This leaves a lot of space for speculation and rumors; and here’s another one.

A Middle-eastern retailer named MEPlay recently put the game up for preorder and gave it an August 30 release date.

While this could easily be just a placeholder, there is one thing that pushed us to look further: August 30, 2016 is a Tuesday, and that is generally the week day on which major games are released in the west.

However, the suggested Titanfall 2 release date does not coincide with the last rumors we reported on. A couple of weeks ago it had been suggested that the game will released roughly around the same months as Call of Duty Infinite Warfare and Battlefield 1.

That is also in-line with the rough release window suggested by hints that came out of Electronic Arts’ latest earnings call where a Q3 FY2017 release was hinted. Electronic Arts’ fiscal year runs to and from the start of April which means their third quarter would be between October and December this year.

There is another aspect too, if Electronic Arts’ real Titanfall 2 release date is set between that period, it will be clashing with two of the first person shooter giants i.e. Infinite Warfare and Battlefield 1, the latter being EA’s own IP.

Would they really want that? That being said, could the August 30, 2016 release date rumor of the game actually have some level of authenticity in it?

We will have to wait and see.

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