Titanfall 2 Pilot Loadouts Guide – Best Loadouts, Weapons, Tactical, Boosts, Ordinance, Kits, Executions

Titanfall 2 Pilot Loadouts Guide to help you get familiarized with different pieces of equipment so that you can combine them according to your playstyle and secure more victories.

Having a good aim and knowing how to traverse the maps are important, but so is your loadout. From Weapons to Tactical Abilities and Kits, there are a lot of options to choose from.

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Titanfall 2 Pilot Loadouts Guide

In our Titanfall 2 Pilot Loadouts Guide, we’ve provided an overview of different loadouts that should help you in various situations.

Titanfall 2 Pilot Loadout Elements

There are multiple options to choose from which you can customize according to your preference and the gamemode you are playing. This section provides an overview of everything that you can customize.

Tactical Ability
There are a total of nine Tactical Abilities in the game which provides a Pilot with a unique advantage. It also changes the appearance and size of a Pilot which is purely cosmetic.

Primary Weapon
There are 20 Primary Weapons to choose from, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. Primary Weapons can further be customized with Weapon Mods and Weapon Attachments.

Secondary Weapons
Secondary Weapons include pistols and anti-titan weapons. Since switching to a pistol is always quicker than reloading, it is something highly recommended.

This category includes grenades and remotely detonated charges. When used appropriately, these can deal significant amount of damage to Pilots, Titans, and Minions.

There are two kits to choose from, each one having a total of four options. You need to choose the one that feel comfortable with.

These are assigned through Identity Menu and provide Pilot with a unique combat boost.

Pilot Camo, Pilot Gender, Weapon Camo, and Execution Animations
These all are cosmetic things and do not impact the gameplay in any way.

Tactical Abilities

This makes you completely invisible to minions and enemy titans. Pilots, on the other, can see a faint silhouette surrounding you. The best use of Cloak is to sneak behind enemies for a quick melee kill or to rodeo enemy titans. Remember that firing and double-jumping deactivate the ability, but melee kills and tossing grenades do not.

Pulse Blade
This lets you throw a throwing-knife that reveals enemies through walls for 5 seconds. However, do note that this ability does not work against cloaked enemies. You can also damage enemies if you manage to score a direct-hit. This ability is useful while capturing objectives or to provide support to your team.

This basically allows you to grapple to different objects, enemy titans, and even pilots. Grapple is particularly useful for chaining wallruns, double-jumps, etc. together. Try to use the ability to score a quick melee-kill on an enemy pilot or a rodeo on a titan. Last but not the least, Grapple is also a good escape tool.

This provides you with the ability to sprint faster, regenerate HP faster, and jump across larger gaps. If you are new to the game, I highly recommend selecting Stim so that you are never caught off-guard. Moreover, it also works really well in gamemodes like Capture the Flag.

Phase Shift
This ability allows you to disappear into an alternate reality and reappear somewhere else on the map. However, you always leave behind a trail which decent players can follow to score a kill. The ability can be used as an effective escape tool or to flank enemies.

Holo Point
This ability allows you to summon a holographic version of your pilot which mimics your actions upon activation. If you summon it while standing still, it will also stand still. If you summon it while running, it will start running in the same direction. After the initial deployment, however, it stops imitating your actions. Therefore, if you jump/crouch, your enemies should be able to tell the difference.

This particle shield amps outgoing shots, dealing more damage. However, do note that enemies can use your A-Wall against you so if you see this happening, get out of the area.

Titanfall 2 Pilot Loadouts

Loadout #1

  • Tactical – Grapple
  • Ordnance – Firestar
  • Primary Weapon – Mastiff
  • Secondary Weapon – Thunderbolt
  • Kit 1 – Ordnance Expert
  • Kit 2 – Wallhang

This loadout basically revolves around mobility and closing in distance for some close-quarter combat. With this loadout, you should be able to fairly fast to avoid long-range shots.

Loadout #2

  • Tactical – Cloak
  • Ordnance – Arc Grenade
  • Primary Weapon – G2
  • Secondary Weapon – Archer
  • Kit 1 – Phase Embark
  • Kit 2 – Low Profile

This is a highly offensive loadout, but with enough escape tool to help you live in case things go out of hands. However, one important thing to note is that this loadout requires total map awareness. If you are not aware of your surroundings or where your exits are, you should be pretty easy to take down. Lastly, when aiming for exits, make use of jumps and wallrunning – Low Profile should help cover your tracks.

Loadout #3

  • Tactical – Holo Pilot
  • Ordnance – Electric Smoke Grenade
  • Primary Weapon – Longbow-DMR
  • Secondary Weapon – Thunderbolt
  • Kit 1 – Fast Regen
  • Kit 2 – Kill Report

Like the previous loadout, this one also requires total map awareness and some skill to get good with it. You need to constantly look out for skulls to get an idea of where the enemies might come from. If there are not many skulls in an area, be prepared to use your Holo Pilot and get away from the area. Moreover, your weapons are meant for long-range engagements so do not jump into a fray.

Loadout #4

  • Tactical – Stim
  • Ordnance – Arc Grenade
  • Primary Weapon – CAR
  • Secondary Weapon – SA-3 Mozambique
  • Kit 1 – Fast Regen
  • Kit 2 – Low Profile

This loadout is basically meant for maps which are not too large. While playing with this loadout, you need to make sure that you are moving from cover to cover and quickly get to a safe location before you are taken down. It is important to remember that there is no shame in running away – it is still better than giving your enemies a free kill.

Loadout #5

  • Tactical – Pulse Blade
  • Ordnance – Satchel
  • Primary Weapon – Mastiff
  • Secondary Weapon – Archer
  • Kit 1 – Power Cell
  • Kit 2 – Kill Report

This is purely a close-ranged loadout which focuses on using Pulse Blade on corners and inside buildings followed by scoring quick kills with Mastiff. While using this loadout, you need to make sure that you do not get caught at long-range. Power Cell should allow you to continue using Pulse Blade without running out of energy which is the main strength of this loadout.

This is all we have on our Titanfall 2 Pilot Loadouts Guide. If there is something else you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!

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