Titanfall 2 Pilot Helmets Locations ‘Collectibles Every Nook and Cranny Guide

You are going to need to collect 45 helmets in Titanfall 2 if you want to get Every Nook and Cranny achievement.

Titanfall 2 Pilot Helmets are collectibles that are scattered through the game at different points during the main missions. There are over 40 pilot helmets in total that can be yours in Titanfall 2.

However, some of them are hidden away neatly so you will need some help finding them all. Below is a complete guide for Titanfall 2 Pilot Helmets locations.

Titanfall 2 Pilot Helmets Locations Guide

The Pilot’s Gauntlet

Pilot Helmet #1: This is the opening mission of Titanfall 2 and you will be racing against the clock to complete certain objectives. During your training run, you will come across a Pilot Helmet while going through the Pilot Evaluation. You will notice floating pillars, reach the left higher pillar where you will find a helmet.

There is only one helmet in the prologue.


Pilot Helmet #2: Follow the waypoint to BT’s replacement battery and you find one helmet near an empty escape pod.

Pilot Helmet #3: Exit the ship after getting the final battery and you will see the second Pilot Helmet on rubble hanging off a cliff.


There are only 2 helmets on this map.

Blood and Rust

Pilot Helmet #4: Head into the sewers after getting tone loadout and look to the caged off area to the left. The helmet in inside the caged area.

Pilot Helmet #5: There is another helmet near you while clearing grunts and drones. Look at the two huge cylindrical containers, the helmet is on top of one of them.

Pilot Helmet #6: The third helmet is on a catwalk near the location where you first meet Militia soldiers.

Pilot Helmet #7: From there, move on to killing Stalkers, head to their charging nods and go left. You will enter a chamber filled with pipes and there is toxins on the floor. There is a helmet at the far end of a pipe.

Pilot Helmet #8: During the mission, you will come across a room where two flying robots are making repairs. You will also notice yellow pipes on the left side of this room. You will find a pilot helmet here high up on the bridge.

Pilot Helmet #9: After getting this pilot helmet, you will enter a room where the final helmet is. Near the exit of the tall room there is a pilot helmet on the platform, on the sludge waterfall platform.

Into the Abyss

Pilot Helmet #10: While moving through the lagoon you will come across a small dark cave, the helmet is inside.

Pilot Helmet #11: Walk to the left in the same area and you will see a large crack in the rock that leads you to another area. Jump out of BT and go through the crack and jump on the platform across the gap.

Pilot Helmet #12: There is an escape pod nearby. Run to the right to the other ledge, you will see the pilot helmet on a platform overlooking the water.

Pilot Helmet #13: Moving on, once you reach the  trees, couches, and cars being carted around on the hanging tracks, reach the back cliff wall where you take a corner to get to the next area. Don’t go to the hall, jump out of the BT and reach the pipes and follow them to the cliff to reach the helmet.

Pilot Helmet #14: You will come across the landing pad, there is a helmet under it.

Into the Abyss Phase 2

Pilot Helmet #15: Just after you split up with BT, you will find a helmet in the pipe room on top of a pair of horizontal pipes.

Pilot Helmet #16: Another helmet is to be found when you reach a platform that has grass, furniture, and frame. From there, go to the second floor by jumping onto it or by using the lift. The section where the lift lands is where the pilot helmet is.

Pilot Helmet #17: The third pilot helmet is found when you move out of the sideways house. From there, wall run to the left and reach the other sideways building. Peek over the sideways building to spot the helmet.

Into the Abyss Phase 3

Pilot Helmet #18: This is the final part of the mission which begins once you escape the dome. From there, exit the tunnel to reach a huge room with columns. Spot Column 83 where the helmet is floating.

Pilot Helmet #19: Before you reunite with BT, you can reach a chasm by running along the moving wall. Do not jump into the main area, instead,  walk to the edge and you will see a pilot helmet.

Effect and Cause

Pilot Helmet #20: After you find BT in the plaza, spot building that has 02 written on the front. Pilot helmet is floating along the building.

Pilot Helmet #21: Before you enter the reception lobby, look for light pole by the Reactor Facility that has a floating helmet on it.

Pilot Helmet #22: The third pilot helmet is along the path of the second zipline in the elevator shaft. It is an automatic collect so you don’t need to look for it.

Pilot Helmet #23: Another pilot helmet is floating above the flaming corridor. You can grab it while wall running.

Pilot Helmet #24: During the mission, you will come across some turrets. Once you go past them, look for a cylinder enclosure that contains a helmet. Time shift and hide inside the shatter enclosure before time shifting back to grab it.

Pilot Helmet #25: Enter the storage chamber and go left to see a pilot helmet on the distant platform. Another helmet can be yours while completing the time shifting wall run obstacle in the cryo storage facility.

Pilot Helmet #26: The final helmet only appears in the present, you can see it along the exterior window near the bridge you extended.

The Beacon

Pilot Helmet #27: After saving the soldiers, don’t go with them just yet. Head to the satellite facility with BT and climb on the platform below the dish. You will see a helmet on the back to the platform near a pillar.

Pilot Helmet #28: Stay on the platform and look for a building that has cable coming from it, you will see another helmet there.

Pilot Helmet #29: Clear the bots in substation 03’s server room, you will see the helmet on the spinning beam.

Pilot Helmet #30: Once BT throws you to the first workstation, you will see a pilot helmet when you open the locked door on the first floor using your arc tool.

Pilot Helmet #31: When you move the first wall using a crane, jump to workstation 02. Across the bridge, the pilot helmet is placed on the roof of the station.

Pilot Helmet #32: Another helmet can be found on a large platform before the dish with the two cranes.

Pilot Helmet #33: Jump over the platform that is holding the dish, kill everyone in sight and jump on the ledge above the door.

Pilot Helmet #34: You can get the next helmet above Building 04 that has the controls for the dish. Reach the roof of 04 to find it.

Pilot Helmet #35: BT will once again throw you, once you land, go left to see the helmet.

Pilot Helmet #36: The final helmet on this mission is placed at the base of the dish itself. Look for the helmet on one of the beams of the dish.

Trial by Fire

Pilot Helmet #37: One you enter the base with Commander Sarah Briggs, get out of BT on the first ledge on the left. Go between the two machine to grab the helmet.

Pilot Helmet #38: On your way to the lift, you will come across a passage that has a yellow hose coming through it. Exit BT to go through the doorway, enter a cramped space and advance until you see the helmet.

Pilot Helmet #39: After the lift area, stop when you reach two spherical fuel cells on the right side. Exit BT and move on the catwalk to see a helmet on top of a red pipe.

The Ark

Pilot Helmet #40: Once you cleared the deck, go back to the first window to the left and go out onto the platform to see a pilot helmet.

Pilot Helmet #41: When you get to other soldiers, a ship will reach the Malta. There is helmet right behind the large red Titan.

Pilot Helmet #42: Once you have cleared the main deck, you need to use the short set of stairs to reach the main level of the jet. Go to the end of the row to see the helmet near the last airship.

The Fold Weapon

Pilot Helmet #43: Reach the outside power grid and climb to the roof of the A30 building. Now reach the top of TMD Power Grid 10 unit to find the helmet on the left.

Pilot Helmet #44: There is a red pipe high above the generator room. Locate a stack of crates at the back corner and jump to the top.

Pilot Helmet #45: The last of Titanfall 2 pilot helmets is on the far right side of the targeting room along the large pipe. Jump onto the stack of boxes and double jump.

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