Titanfall 2 Leveling Guide – How to Level Up Fast, Power Leveling Tips

Titanfall 2 Leveling Guide to help you earn merits fast and unlock new weapons, loadout options, tactical abilities, and more.

As you continue to win multiplayer matches, level up weapons, and play with your factions; you earn merits. Once accumulated, merits are used in order to earn new levels and unlocks weapons, loadout options, tactical abilities, and plenty of other customization options.

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Titanfall 2 Leveling Guide

In our Titanfall 2 Leveling Guide, we have provided an overview of everything you need to know about Power Leveling in the game.

Play During the Happy Hour

‘Happy Hour’ is a brand new feature in Titanfall 2 which encourages players belonging to a similar network to play together. The timings vary from network to network, but you need to make sure that you play the game during this hour if you wish to level up quickly in the game.

It goes without saying that merits can be really hard to come by in Titanfall 2 which is why playing during the Happy Hour is an incredible idea. By doing so, you should be getting x5 extra merits by simply playing the game during this time. Moreover, if you can manage to do well in this time, you should be racking up insanely fast.

Play with Different Weapons and Abilities

It might be hard at first, but you need to try out different pieces of equipment i.e. Weapons, Tactical Abilities, Ordnance, etc. at your disposal as you progress through the game. Not only this will provide you with a better understanding of different pieces of equipment in the game and make you a diverse player, but you will also be leveling each and every piece of equipment in the game.

By doing so, you will be getting a ton of merits and thus leveling up insanely fast!

Complete Challenges

Those of you who have played the game will know that camo in the game are unlocked by completing challenges. However, if managed to complete a few of them, you might also have noticed that completing these challenges also provide you with merits.

It goes without saying that every player in the game is working towards completing most of these challenges without knowing, but it helps a lot of take few of them and work on them before moving on to others.

Preferred Game Modes

In case you like to play the objective, I have found Amped Hardpoint to be incredibly rewarding if you wish to Power Level in Titanfall 2. If you are, however, think that your skill-level is well above a majority of the community, you can also try Capture the Flag which is another decent game mode for leveling up fast as long as you are capturing and returning the flags.

Last but not the least, Coliseum is another game mode which can be used to level up incredibly quickly because of how short the matches are. Do not forget to share your own leveling tips with us.

This is all we have on our Titanfall 2 Leveling Guide. If there is anything else you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!

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