Titanfall 2 Could Include Single-Player Campaign

Titanfall 2 could have a traditional campaign and more variety in the weapons department, both of which were missed by fans when playing the original game.

When asked about the two aspects in a recent interview, Respawn Entertainment’s community manager Abbie Heppe declined to comment but nor did she rule out either possibility. She however did state that the sequel is being built on the foundation laid by the first game and that Respawn Entertainment knows what its fans.

Additionally, she also said that the team has its own ideas that they got from working with the first Titanfall and will surely be implementing in the sequel.

“When you work on a game for so long, there’s always lots of things we — especially everyone here internally has all different sorts of things [they want to do],” Heppe said.

“We’ve definitely heard the feedback. Obviously, I can’t comment on what we’re doing in the next game, but the really nice thing about working on a sequel is that we’ve established the core of what Titanfall is. We have assets, we have an engine, we have all of these things that we laid the foundation for in the first game that now we can really build off of in the second.

Heppe believes that fans will get really excited once they come to know what is in store for them in Titanfall 2.

In contrast to previous rumors, Titanfall 2 could end up as a multi-platform game. With the first game, publisher EA went with an exclusive contract; which is unlikely to happen again considering there are over 20 million PlayStation 4 console owners right now and by the time the sequel is released, this number is only going to be larger.

via GameSpot

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