Titanfall 2 Exoplanet Map Guide – Prime Locations, Jumps & Spots, Game Mode Tips

Titanfall 2 Exoplanet Map Guide to help you get to know about all important jumps & spots on the map alongside tips for different game modes.

Exoplanet is fairly open which allows snipers to shine on it. However, if you are against these snipers, try moving from one building to the other in order to avoid taking fire.

There are also some incredible positions for titans including tight choke points. Moreover, there are some positions for pilots to flank the enemy titans and rodeo-attack them.

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Titanfall 2 Exoplanet Map Guide

In our Titanfall 2 Exoplanet Map Guide, we have provided an overview of everything you need to know about the said map along with tips for different game modes.

Prime Locations

Analysis Lab
Located in the centre of the map, this is a double-storey building with multiple entrances. You should not consider spending a whole lot of time on the upper floor. The area is also linked to another building which can be used to contest objectives.

This is a relatively open area with long corridors and less cover. You should try and stay mobile in this area or circle around the indoor area in order to avoid fire. Since there is little to no cover, you should not spend a substantial amount of time at the same place. The rooftop is a good position for snipers but can be contested rather easily.

Grow Center
This area has multiple levels which you can use in order to confuse your opponents. If you have a few decent snipers on your team, you should definitely control this area. The building’s rooftop provides an overlook of the entire map and has cover if things go sideways.

This area is at the centre of the map, has an open-area for titans nearby, and is always contested. There are a couple of objectives that appear here which is why you should try and control it. The rooftop can prove to be a good spot for snipers, but it can be flanked rather easily.

This area is very useful for both pilots and titans. As titans, you should have more than enough cover to move about freely and avoid incoming fire at the same time. Pilots, on the other hand, can gain massive speed boosts, dodge incoming bullets with rather ease, and always be on the move without getting caught.

Game Modes Strategy

Amped Hardpoint
Since Exoplanet is a relatively smaller map as compared to other maps in Titanfall 2, strategies involved in playing Amped Hardpoint are a tad different. First of all, note that hardpoints located on this map are very close to one another which is why it demands tactical prowess above anything else.

When it comes to locations, Hardpoint A is located at the barracks, Hardpoint B is located at the Analysis Lab, and Hardpoint C is located in the Grow Center.

Bounty Hunt
Bounty Hunt on Exoplanet is basically constant action throughout the course of a multiplayer match. It is highly recommended that you have a teammate to watch your back at all times – constant communication helps as well. In addition to this, I recommend running Cloak in order to set up some easy flanks and go on a killing spree.

When it comes to the locations of the Drop Zones, the first one is located between the Analysis Lab and the Grow Center, the second one is right next to silos, and the final one is on the western edge of the Headquarters.

Capture the Flag
The flag located behind the Analysis Lab can be little tough to defend, but you should be able to benefit from multiple wallrunning spots in order to gain momentum and a constant speed boost. The other flag is located at the centre of the Grow Center which is best secured from the inside of the area.

Once you have secured the flag, you should definitely go with the east route which should provide you with far more protection and quick running route.

This is all we have on Titanfall 2 Exoplanet Map Guide. If there is anything else you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!

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