Titanfall 2 Combat Tips and Strategy: Pilot vs Pilot, Pilot vs Titan, Titan vs Titan, Game Modes Tips

Titanfall 2 Combat Tips and Strategy Guide to help you get a firm understanding of playing both as Pilot and Titans along with combat tips for each and every game mode in the game.

During the course of a Multiplayer Match, you would find yourself in a number of different situations. It is important that you have a firm understanding of how to approach these situations if you wish to lead your team to victory.

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Titanfall 2 Combat Tips and Strategy

In our Titanfall 2 Combat Tips and Strategy Guide, we’ve provided an overview of how to effectively play as Titans and Pilots with combat tips to help you become a better player.

For your convenience, we have broken down these situations separately so that you can directly find whatever you are looking for!

Titans/Pilots against Minions

Although minions do not pose a huge threat, it is important that you deal with them constantly in order to acquire your Titan at the earliest.

Everything from your Pilot’s Primary Weapons to Ordnance should work really well against minions in the game. Below you can find an overview of different types of AI enemies that you encounter in the game:

These minions are equipped with Anti-Armor Weapons in addition to low-damage firearms. They usually attack in a group of three and are relatively easier to eliminate.

These minions can pose a significant threat to your Titans using their Heavy Weapons and can also deal significant damage to Pilots due to their large numbers.

These are kind of like Spectres but are comparatively easier to eliminate. These minions are extremely weak to headshots and have a red backpack which can be shot to cause a huge blast and also damage nearby minions.

These minions are capable of dishing out a huge amount of damage and should be engaged from a long-range. The idea is to let a friendly Titan engage Reapers while you provide support fire from far away.

While playing as a Titan, your primary objective should be to deal damage to enemy Pilots and Titans. However, if minions like Reapers are causing you constant trouble, you should have no difficulty in taking them out using Splitter Rifle or 40mm Tracker Cannon. Alternatively, you can crush these small enemies under your feet and be done with them.

Despite your powerful weapons and durable armour, minions like Reapers and Spectres are capable enough to pose a significant threat to your Titan. Do not underestimate them under any circumstance and try to eliminate them at the earliest.

Pilots against Pilots

This situation eventually boils down to a number of factors i.e. individual skill, aim, loadout preference, etc. Eliminating a Pilot should net you with more rewards as compared to minions and must be on your priority list.

Pilots in a Multiplayer Match are pretty easy to spot as they appear after using their Weapons and Jump Kits. Unless Pilots are using Cloak or a Suppressed Weapon, you should have no difficulty in finding them and taking them out. The same thing goes for you so make sure that you are prepared for any unexpected surprises.

Movement plays an important role in Pilot vs. Pilot scenarios. You should always try to combine wallrunning, wall-hanging, and double-jumping in order to reach an elevated position and eliminate your enemies from a good vantage point. Moreover, stim is a nice Tactical Ability which not only increases your overall movement speed but also increases your HP regeneration which can save your life in a tough situation.

You should also try to keep an eye out on Doomed Titans and enemy Pilots trying to rodeo-attack friendly Titans. In both these situations, the enemy Pilots are left vulnerable, allowing you to eliminate them without much difficulty.

Pilots against Titans

It goes without saying that in a Pilot vs. Titan match-up, the match-up is hugely in the favour of the Titan. However, Pilots with pieces of equipment like Anti-Titan Weapons, Ordnance, Rodeo-Attacks, etc. should feel more than comfortable with taking down a Titan on his/her own – however, it is something which is not recommended.

When trying to engage an enemy Titan, you need to make sure that you have a height advantage i.e. rooftops, etc. Going 1-on-1 against an enemy Titan without any sort of height advantage or cover is definitely a bad idea. Always bear in mind that Pilots are nimble and can access area which a Titan cannot and use this to your advantage.

Alternatively, instead of trying to take on a Titan yourself, you can simply provide support fire to a friendly Titan trying to take on an enemy Titan. Remember that your Anti-Titan Weapon deals permanent damage to Titan Shield and Titan Armor – use this to your advantage.

Lastly, when trying to rodeo-attack an enemy Titan, try to make sure that you have Cloak and then follow-up with an Arc Grenade and rodeo-attack. This should provide you with ample room in order to take out Titan Batteries and deal some permanent damage to the adversary.

While playing as Titans, you need to constantly look on the mini-map in order to find enemy Pilots trying to set up an ambush. As mentioned earlier, you need to look for enemy Pilots at elevated positions which provide them with a decent advantage. When it comes to dealing with Anti-Titan Weapons, you need to rely on your abilities like Thermal Shield, Vortex Shield, Particle Wall, etc. in order to avoid taking damage.

Since you get a limited amount of Electric Smoke in a Multiplayer Match, you need to avoid receiving rodeo-attacks as much as possible. However, if you get one, use your Electrical Smoke and get rid of the enemy Pilots.

Alternatively, if you do not have Electric Smoke and get rodeo-attacked, try to stop and crouch for a moment, making the enemy Pilot think that you are about to eject the Titan. As soon as you notice the enemy Pilot jump down, dash away, and resume the fight.

Finally, in addition to Electric Smoke, you get limited amount of ‘Dashes’ available per Multiplayer Match. This ability provides you with a minor speed boost, but you should try and use it in order to avoid incoming fire. Make sure to keep track of how many ‘Dashes’ you are left with and use them wisely.

Titans against Titans

The first thing that you need to know is that each and every Titan in a Multiplayer Match spawns without the Titan Shield. Due to this fact, it is important that you salvage Titan Batteries before initiating a Titanfall and try to get the Titan Shield at the earliest.

Moreover, instead of trying to confront enemy Titans yourself, try to head in with other friendly Titans which should shift the outcome of the battle in your favour. Moreover, before starting the battle, try to look whether the enemy Titan has the Titan Shield or not. It is important to remember that you must first deplete the Titan Shield before you can deal damage to its Titan Armor.

Once you have depleted the Titan Shield, do not let the enemy Titan get out of your sight. It is highly possible that the enemy Titan will get a new Titan Battery installed and replenish its shield. You should also try and always be on the move, dodge incoming fire, and get behind cover using your ‘Dashes’.

In addition to ‘Dashes’, your Titan’s Core Ability is another thing which can turn the outcome of a losing battle. These Core Abilities can provide your Titan with a unique advantage so make sure to use them whenever you have the chance.

Game Mode Tips

Bounty Hunt
In this game mode, the two teams fight for gathering bounties placed on AI-controlled units. These AI-controlled units include Grunts, Spectres, Reapers, Stalkers, and Titans.

The amount of bounty acquired from killing these AI-controlled units varies from unit to unit, but your objective is to reach $6,000 before the other team in order to win the game.

Amped Hardpoint
In this game mode, you need to capture and control three Hardpoints scattered across the map. The more points your team controls, the more score you gain. In order to control a Hardpoint, all you need to do is to stand near it – it process speeds up with more teammates standing near it.

You should also be able to contest an enemy Hardpoint by eliminating the enemies standing inside the objective area and claiming it for yourself.

This is a returning game mode from the original Titanfall. In this game mode, you need to score kills on AI-controlled units and enemy team in order to rack up points. The first team to reach 400 points or the most point at the end of a match wins the game. If you are new to Titanfall 2, Attrition is arguably the best game mode to start your multiplayer experience.

Capture the Flag
This one is a classic game mode from FPS experiences like Call of Duty. In this game mode, you need to protect the flag in your base from the opposing team and steal their flag and get it your base. However, before getting the enemy flag to your base, you must make sure that your own flag is inside your base.

It is also important to note that you cannot drop or pass the flag – it gets automatically dropped as soon as the flag-carrier is killed. In Titanfall 2, if a dropped flag is left untouched for a specific duration of time, it is automatically returned to its home base.

Last Titan Standing
In this game mode, all Pilots start in their respective Titans and your job is to eliminate all of opposing team’s Titans and Pilots. The reason I have included Pilots in there as well is because if a Titan is destroyed, the Pilot is free to roam around and deal damage to opposing team’s Titans and Pilots.

The game continues for 5 consecutive rounds without any Titan replacements and respawns for a particular round. The team who manages to make it all the way to the end with a Titan remaining wins the game mode.

This is a free-for-all game mode in which your job is to eliminate enemy Pilots and Titans in order to get your own Pilot Boosts and Titan. The player with the highest score at the end of the match wins the game mode.

Pilot vs. Pilot
In this game mode, there are no Titans so it is purely Pilots against Pilots. However, if you manage to score a high enough score, you should be able to get your Pilot Boost which can be huge in this game mode. This is a pretty fun game mode for players who tend to struggle against Titans.

This is all we have on our Titanfall 2 Combat Tips and Strategy Guide. If there is something else you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!

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