Titanfall 2 Boosts Guide – How to Use Boosts

Titanfall 2 Boosts Guide to help you learn everything there is to know about Boosts which are an alternative of Burn Cards from the original Titanfall.

There are multiple Pilot Boosts to choose from which is done from the Identity Menu. After firing up the Multiplayer Mode for the first time, you should only be able to select Amped Weapons, but as you progress through the game, you should be able to unlock more of these Pilot Boosts.

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Titanfall 2 Boosts Guide

These Pilot Boosts are basically linked to your Titan Meter in the game. After reaching a specific percentage on the Titan Meter, you should be able to activate these boosts. This percentage varies from Boost to Boost, but you always get notified whenever your selected Boost becomes available.

There is a total of 12 Titanfall 2 Boosts in the game, each one requires 125 Credits to unlock, and you can only select one Boost at any given time.

In our Titanfall 2 Boosts Guide, we have detailed everything you need to know about effectively using these Pilot Boosts in the game.

Pilot Boosts

Amped Weapons
This Pilot Boost requires 80% on the Titan Meter. It basically allows you to have increased damage on both your Primary Weapons and Secondary Weapons and works well on almost every kind of game mode. With decent enough accuracy, you should have no problems in racking up some quick kills using Amped Weapons.

This Pilot Boost requires 65% on the Titan Meter. With this boost, you get a couple of enemy seeking explosive drones per activation. While they can be pretty useful in some special situations, I still recommend going with Amped Weapons over Ticks if you are new to Titanfall 2 experience.

Pilot Sentry
This Pilot Boost requires 72% on the Titan Meter. As the name suggests, this boost essentially allows you to have a turret out on the field for about 30 seconds. One important thing that you need to note is that this automated turret targets everything on the map with the sole exception of Titans. Since it operates for 30 seconds, you should consider deploying it in order to take/defend an objective.

Map Hack
This Pilot Boost requires 70% on the Titan Meter. This is arguably one of my most favourite Pilot Boosts in the game. This basically reveals all the enemies on the mini-map – not only to you but your entire team. You can think of it as UAV from Call of Duty series. Yes, it is extremely powerful and can change the outcome of a losing match.

Battery Backup
This Pilot Boost requires 80% on the Titan Meter. This Pilot Boost allows you to carry a free Titan Battery with you which you can install in your Titan before mounting it. If you do not have any friends to play the game with, you should definitely consider this Pilot Boost to keep your Titan going on for a long period of time.

Radar Jammer
This Pilot Boost requires 40% on the Titan Meter. If Map Hack is UAV from Call of Duty games, you can think of Radar Jammer as Counter-UAV from the popular game series. You cannot only counter Map Hack with this but can also run it alongside Map Hack to completely blind the entire enemy team while having full vision yourself!

Titan Sentry
This Pilot Boost requires 35% on the Titan Meter. As opposed to Pilot Sentry, this one only targets Titans. While it is not extremely powerful to take out a Titan on its own, it can be really helpful by providing you with some extra firepower while controlling/defending objectives.

Advocate Gift
This Pilot Boost requires 36% on the Titan Meter. This Pilot Boost basically provides you with a random boost from the 12. Solely depending upon your luck, you can end up with Amped Weapons or Map Hack at mere 36% – can be pretty cool, eh?

Smart Pistol
This Pilot Boost requires 60% on the Titan Meter. This one is returning from the original Titanfall and allows you to auto-lock targets and take them out. However, one important thing that you need to know is that Smart Pistol replaces your Secondary Weapon so if you are running an Anti-Titan Weapon, you might want to take something else or plan your strategies accordingly.

Phase Rewind
This Pilot Boost requires 25% on the Titan Meter. This Pilot Boost basically allows you to reverse time and go back to your previous location – kind of like Ekko’s Chronobreak from League of Legends. If you find yourself in a bad situation, quickly activate it and get back.

Hard Cover
This Pilot Boost requires 20% on the Titan Meter. This basically allows you to summon a large shield which can soak up a pretty decent amount of damage and can be really helpful for controlling objectives.

Holo Pilot Nova
This Pilot Boost requires 40% on the Titan Meter. This basically allows you to produce a holographic image of your character, mimicking your actions and confusing your enemies. It can be pretty useful for controlling objectives and flanking enemies.

This is all we have on our Titanfall 2 Boosts Guide. If there is anything else you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!

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