Ten Tips I Wish I Knew Before Starting Realm Royale

Realm Royale is the newest battle royale game and it is full of many unique and amazing mechanics that no other battle royale game has offered so far. If you are planning to jump on the Realm Royale bandwagon, we recommend that you read our ten tips I wish I knew before starting Realm Royale.

Here we have detailed some of the most important tips that you must know before you start playing the game, as they will help you a lot in surviving in the game. Some of these mechanics are very new and we know that our initial matches would have gone much better if we had known these tips and tricks before playing the game.

Ten Tips I Wish I Knew before Starting Realm Royale

Below we have mentioned ten tips that we knew before we started playing Realm Royale as they are super helpful while playing the game.

There are 2 Types of Chests

You must know that there are two different types of chests in Realm Royale. Apart from these chests, the game also has small cube boxes, which can be looted as well. The chests with the green color in them will give you armor, abilities, and weapons while the plain and flat chests will give you weapons only. You must distinguish between them and go for the one that gives you more.

The small cubed boxes will only give you potions so always keep them low priority if the match has just started. At the start of the match, your priority should be weapons and abilities since they will help you survive. Always aim for chests that offer you a multitude of items instead of just single ones. Your initial choices will decide how long you will last in that specific match if you land in a high traffic area.

Use the Forge

You collect shards in Realm Royale, which are used to craft your Legendary weapon along with many other items in the game. You can do all your crafting at a forge. There is a forge in every major area of the game. You must know the locations of these forges because without a forge you will not be able to craft your legendary as well as many other useful items.

Forge allows you to craft armor, weapons, potions and even skills. Each item requires shards and there are plenty of ways of obtaining shards in Realm Royale. Keep collecting shards and as soon as you see a forge, make a run for it and craft better items. However, keep an eye out for a smoking forge. If there is smoke coming out of its chimney, someone is already using the forge.

This is a great way to ambush the ones using the forge. It is seldom that you will find a forge empty. Every player will be finding one to craft better items. Especially at the start of the game, people will be running towards forges to craft their legendary weapons.

We recommend that you visit a forge as soon as possible as well but make sure that you do not die in the process. Shards are of no use if you die while crafting items.

Use Abilities

Another unique mechanic in Realm Royale is the inclusion of different abilities. You will find these abilities in chests just like other lootable items. Some are specific to classes so they will come with those abilities. The abilities are a great way to deal some extra punishment to your enemies. However, not all abilities are offensive.

Some of the abilities in the game are also defensive and allow players to either heal themselves or allies or even run away from enemies. Abilities such as Blink and Charge allow great movement to players and can be used for either surprising enemies with an attack or escape from a tight spot using windows. Try to use abilities, which compliment your weapons to make the most out of them.

Disenchant instead of Dropping

In Realm Royale, any items that you do not need do not have to go to waste. You can disenchant useless items and obtain shards from them. The amount of shards that you get from disenchanting depends upon the rarity of the item. This is a very good mechanic, which makes even the useless item in your inventory useful.

Always collect everything that you find and then sort out the items that you do not need. Find a quiet spot and disenchant the items that are useless to you for shards. Shards are extremely useful in Realm Royale and you will need them for crafting useful items at the forge. We recommend that you never drop useless items and always disenchant them.

Fall Damage

There is no fall damage in Realm Royale. You can jump from the highest place in the game and you will still suffer no damage. This is a big feature which is absent in nearly every other battle royale game.

It gives you a big movement advantage. Normally high mountains and structures limit your escape routes if you are surrounded but in this case, you can jump off even the tallest of structures and still survive.

You can also use it to your advantage and land on enemies below you for surprise attacks. However, make sure that you plan your landing spot because if you land from a certain height, the small landing animation will play and you will not be able to use your weapon or move around while it lasts making you an easy target if someone spots you.

Higher Jumps

Normally when you jump in the game, you will cover a modest distance, which will allow you to hop over small obstacles. If you find yourself in a situation where you have no escape route and you have walls all around you, there is a way by which you can make yourself jump much higher. Go near the wall and jump on it while standing right next to it.

This will make you jump much higher than under normal circumstances and you will be able to grab the ledge and climb up for an easy escape. Your enemies can do the same so make sure that you are ready to ambush them when they climb up after you. You can also climb to the top of different boxes using this technique.

Always Mount Up

The map in Realm Royale is huge and you will need some sort of a transportation means to cover it all quickly. If you land too far away from the safe spot then you will have to use your horse to get there quickly.

Thankfully, the developers of Realm Royale thought of implementing mounts in the game. This is also a unique mechanic as none of the other battle royale games are using horses as mounts.

The default key for mounting your horse is Z and pressing the key will instantly mount you up. However, if you want to fire at someone, loot a chest or if someone shoots at you, your mount will quickly disappear. This is a good feature as well because it saves you the trouble of dismounting yourself and allows you to focus on shooting all the time.

Melee after Landing

As soon as you land, if you are near some players then we recommend that you put your knife to good use. Start meleeing them and hit them with your knives as much as possible before they run away to find chests. The knife deals a great amount of damage to players if you manage to land a hit and only three hits with the knife are enough to put them in chicken form.

At the start of the match, every player starts running here and there looking for chests but if you keep your cool and focus on some knife swinging, you will be able to bag a kill or two even before your first chest. Once the player is in the chicken form, it will easy to finish them off using the knife. Each hit will deal at least 400 damage to the enemies.

Choose the Landing Spot Wisely

This is very important and you must always land in a good spot. If you land on a bad spot, chances are you will be dead before opening your first chest. The best places to land are near doors and entrances, which can provide you instant cover from incoming fire. Balconies are also a good place to land.

The point of landing close to doors, entrances, and balconies is that you can instantly go inside structures and find chests. Most of the structures have chests in them so you can easily get inside and open them up before anyone else does.

Also always land a little bit away from the initial circle. This will ensure that you will encounter fewer players as most of the players tend to land inside the circle. The way back to the circle will also allow you to explore more of the area and find more chests and loot boxes then players who are already inside the circle.

Understanding the Chicken Form

In Realm Royale, you will not die instantly when someone kills you. When your health reaches zero, you will turn into a chicken and are allowed to run around and avoid other players. If you manage to avoid other players for 30 seconds, you will be respawned on the map. If someone kills you while you are a chicken, then its game over for you.

This is a very interesting mechanic as it forces players to go after fallen players. They cannot just snipe you from a distance and be happy about it. Once you down a player, you must move in, find the chicken, and kill it to completely eliminate them.

However, every player gets limited chances when they can be turned into a chicken. A player can enter the chicken form only three times. If you are killed a fourth time, you will die instantly without entering the chicken form. To see your remaining chicken lives, you can check the number next to a feather near your health.

This concludes our ten tips I wish I knew before starting Realm Royale. If you have some tips to share with us, do not forget to do so in the comments section below!

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