How to Defeat Wastard in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

Just like many games, Tiny Tina’s Wonderland too has bosses to confront. To get through the game’s storyline, you’ve got to beat eight bosses. Wastard, a sixth Main Boss in Tiny Tina’s Wonderland, is going to be the centre of discussion in this guide. We will tell you about the best strategies and weapons to use in order to defeat Wastard in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands.

Where to Find Wastard

Wastard is found near the ending of Karnok’s Wall level. Just cross the Positive Headspace Fast Travel location and you will spot him.

How to Defeat Wastard in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

While confronting this boss, you will notice that he has three health bars;, the blue bar means ward, the red bar means flesh and white one means bones. There would be three phases of the fight. First, you will have to drain Wastard’s ward bar. It is better to use a Lightning gun in the beginning as it does shock damage and drains the ward bar quickly.

Just keep standing in front of Wastard and he will start throwing projectiles at you. They do massive damage when hit but can be easily dodged. There are many things such as crates and other stuff to hide behind.

Once you have finished his ward bar, Wastard will summon Spectral Aegis. If you take too much time in killing them, they will regenerate the ward bar. So it is better to take them down immediately.

Then the second phase of the fight will begin. Use any weapon that does fire damage to drain the red bar. In this phase, Wastard summons skeletons. So you would need to fight all of them. Once you have finished the red bar as well, the last phase of the fight will start.

Use any weapon that does frost damage for the white bar. In this phase, Wastard changes his looks and appearance. Wastard will mix up with the skeletons he summoned, but you will be able to tell which is which because the boss will be moving faster than the minions. So once you know who is who, just get a distance and start shooting him right away.

Wastard Loot Drops

There is a high chance of obtaining a legendary weapon, White Rider. The weapon comes with poison elemental damage so it can be useful for a poison build user. Being a Dahlia weapon, White Rider has two firing modes. The primary firing mode latches on to a target and continuously deals poison damage while the secondary mode can latch on to two enemies at once but deals reduced damage.

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