Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Sworderang Location Guide

In Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands, the Sworderang is an exciting and unique weapon manufactured by Feriore. Sworderang has several element types which include Fire, Lightning, Poison, Frost and Dark Magic so it is quite ideal for elemental builds. Below we will explain everything you that’ll help you find the legendary shotgun Sworderang with ease.

Where To Find Sworderang In Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

Ossu-Gol Necropolis, in the Sandchoked Catacombs area, has an ancient obelisk that will lead you to this weapon. Start killing the waves of monsters you’ll encounter once you reach this area by activating the ancient obelisk.

As soon as you clear all the waves, a monster will emerge from the obelisk named Mandiblon, Chomper of Skulls. To acquire the legendary Sworderang, you must kill Mandiblon. While Sworderang isn’t a guaranteed drop from Mandiblon, the weapon is a dedicated drop from the boss.

Besides the boss, you can also get it as random world drop if your luck stat is high enough. Ideally, you should farm Chaos Chamber to get your hands on the Sworderang in TTW.

Sworderang Stats And Effects

It is possible to disable enemies with the Sworderang weapon, but if you happen to be in the wrong area, you may get knocked out. There’s something about the Sworderang that can make you really pleased but also really irritated.

Sworderang has a 7% chance of dealing Fire, Lightning, Poison, Frost or Dark Magic damage over time depending on which roll you got.

While Sworderang acts as a regular elemental shotgun, being a Feriore weapon gives it a unique “thrown weapon” advantage. Whenever you reload the shotgun, it is thrown towards the enemy. As the name suggests, the thrown sword flies like a boomerang, returning to you from your left.

Keep in mind that the sword explodes when it hits a target and deals damage to mobs. There is a chance that you’ll get downed if there aren’t any mobs in the area.

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