Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Echoing Phoenix Location Guide

One of the new additions to Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands is the Legendary assault rifle Echoing Phoenix. The weapon is phenomenal, like a phoenix. Echoing Phoenix is manufactured by Blackpowder in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands, and has the elemental attack of Fire-type only. Let us look at how we can get the Echoing Phoenix and what stats and buffs it offers.

Where to Find Echoing Phoenix in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

Theoretically, Echoing Phoenix can be found anywhere in the world, as it can be dropped by enemies and loot chests alike. However, since it is legendary, the chances of that happening are so rare, that you might as well forget that that’s ever going to happen.

Finding a suitable loot source to get Echoing Phoenix is almost impossible. So, your best bet to get one of these bad boys for yourself is by using the Wheel of Fate, which you get to use after you defeat Fyodor, the Soul Warden.

You can find the Wheel of Fate in Dreamveil Overlook, and make sure you have Lost Souls on you so you can use them as currency to use the Wheel of Fate.

Echoing Phoenix Stats and Effects

Since the weapon has fire type elemental effect, you always have a 7% chance of setting your enemies on fire that you shoot.

Other than that, the Echoing Phoenix is perfect for dealing with multiple enemies. On a hit, your bullets will chain to 2 nearby enemies unless you have already killed them. This makes it easier to deal damage to multiple enemies, three to be specific, without wasting too much ammo.

If you get a critical hit on one of the ricochets, the bullet will bounce further to another target. For example, your bullet will keep on bouncing from one enemy to the other infinitely as long as all the hits are critical. Though this will never happen, know that any critical hit will add one additional hit to your bullet ricocheting.

If you manage to get a Crossbolt into your enemy, your melee damage to that enemy will take 4% additional damage as long as the bolt is stuck. The crossbolt will last for 6 seconds before disappearing. This skill is a bit disappointing, but we’ll take it.

The weapon has low damage and is best used for dealing with low-tier mobs instead of using it against bosses. The only time you find it handy is when a boss has backup, and you want to take them out while also dealing damage to the boss.

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