Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Dry’l’s Fury Location Guide

The Dry'l's Fury is one of the Legendary snipers in Tiny Tina's Wonderlands. Stoker manufactures Dry'l's Fury, and there is...

The Dry’l’s Fury is one of the Legendary snipers in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands. Stoker manufactures Dry’l’s Fury, and there is only one element available which is Fire. This fire type of weapon has great effectiveness against flesh. Below we have gathered all the details which will help you find the Dry’l’s Fury sniper in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands with ease.

Where To Find Dry’l’s Fury In Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

You will need to go to Dryl’s Gallery in Drowned Abyss in order to obtain the Dry’l’s Fury Legendary sniper. Once you have reached this point, you need to interact with the door . Dry’l, the monster whose Heart is on Fire, is a Cthulhu-like monster you must defeat at Godswell. You should head that way.

Go to Dry’l’s Boudoir in The Godswell once you exit fast travel. Once you’re in Godswell, fast travel there again. Dry’l Whose Heart is on Fire is the boss you will face. On defeating this boss, you will receive Dry’l’s Fury Legendary sniper rifle.

Dry’l’s Fury Stats And Effects

Dry’l’s Fury has an 11% chance to deal fire damage over time. Apart from this, every time you reload this gun, the chances of critical hit against opponents will increase as well.

It’s kind of cool how this Dry’l’s Fury works. It is normal and expected for a sniper rifle to allow you to aim down the sight and shoot your enemies. Additionally, it has a slow-moving shock ball as an alternate firing mode.

By shooting the shock ball down the sight, the ball will blow up. Despite exploding five times, it won’t go away, you can continue shooting until five explosions are achieved.

A nearby enemy will receive shock damage every time the shock ball is fired. In this way, you can connect five Teslas to five enemies by shooting the shock ball five times. Keep a safe distance from the shock ball when shooting to avoid getting injured by the explosion.

Holding down the fire button lets you fire at a pretty decent rate when using this legendary Sniper. Despite not having a sniper build, this is a really good sniper. Crowd control is also possible with this weapon.

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