DICE Bringing “A Tighter Death Experience” To Battlefield V Following Player Feedback

Fans noted many issues in the Battlefield V open beta and based on the feedback, developer DICE will be making changes to the final game and one of the changes will be made to death experience in Battlefield V as the devs will be making it a “tighter experience”.

DICE has acknowledged that dying in Battlefield V open beta took quite a lot of time and the studio has tweaked it.

According to the developer, players will now bleed out faster and the time that players spend in the “squad follow camera” has also been reduced.

Players might have found it took a while to get back into the action after having been downed by an enemy. This has been tweaked; bleeding out now goes much faster than before. Also, the time spent in the squad follow camera – AKA the “parrot camera” – will be reduced. The revive icon and audio for revive shouts will be polished to make it easier to see and hear squad mates calling for help.

The reason why DICE has tweaked it is that, bleed out time was ridiculously long and the bleed out time being reduced will help medics too.

When shot down, the length of your bleedout time will be taken into consideration when you get to the squad follow camera screen. If you’ve spent a lot of time bleeding out, the waiting time in the squad follow camera before spawning will be shorter. This will make for a tighter experience and benefit Medics, since players won’t hesitate to shout out for help.

Not only that, DICE has noted that it will be introducing Distance Haze to improve player visibility in Battlefield V.

We are adding what we called ‘Distance Haze,’ it isn’t a fog and it isn’t there to hide anything. It is actually there to emphasize what’s in front of it. You can see this in play but in extreme form when the heavy fog rolls in at Rotterdam is when you really see people running against it, they are much much wider background.

Battlefield V is a first-person action shooter in development at EA DICE and is scheduled to launch in November 2018 for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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