Thymesia How To Craft & Upgrade Potions

Potion-making is critical to Thymesia and something the game intentionally fails to explain in detail. Mastering the combat system alone will not be enough to beat this souls-like game. You will have to craft and chug potions when needed to survive the hardest enemies lurking around corners.

The following guide will explain how to craft and upgrade potions, as well as how to use ingredients to unlock new potion recipes in Thymesia.

How To Craft Potions In Thymesia

There are three main potions that you must first need to unlock in the game before crafting any new potions. You just need to kill three of the mainline bosses to unlock them.

For each of the three main potions, you have to unlock ingredient slots to access the ability to craft potions. You unlock the ingredient slots by spending Alchemy Enhancers, a rare resource that can only be obtained by killing Generals, the mini-bosses of the game who are extremely difficult to take down.

Once the ingredient slots are available, it is time to start infusing various herbs to discover a variety of potion recipes.

Herbs are divided into four classes: life, energy, toughness, and strength. Each herb that you add to a potion recipe will grant a bonus effect. The final potion effects will naturally depend upon the three herbs that you infused at the start.


Hence, it goes without saying that you should be looting all and any ingredients that you find on your way.

How To Upgrade Potions In Thymesia

When ready, spend your hard-earned Alchemy Enhancers at a Beacon to upgrade your potions in three different categories:

  • You can increase the number of potions you can carry up to a maximum of six.
  • You can increase the amount of healing a potion does.
  • You can increase the number of ingredients you can infuse in your potions up to a maximum of three.

Potion Recipes

The following are all the potions that you can craft in the game as well as their required ingredients.

Circulation: Recovers 5 health every second
Requires Fennel, Oregano, Clove

Refreshing: Recovers 3 energy every second
Requires Fennel, Oregano, Mint

Pain Relief: Reduces damage intake by 10%
Requires Rosemary, Clove, Lavender

Focus: Increases memory shards drop amount by 10%
Requires Rosemary, Mint, Thyme

Four Thieves Vinegar: Increases maximum health by 100
Requires Rosemary, Sage, Thyme

Warming Up: Increases damage by 10%
Requires Black Pepper, Garlic, Basil

Sweating: Gain a defensive buff stack
Requires Mint, Black Pepper, Cinnamon

Courage: Gain an offensive buff stack
Requires Mint, Lavender, Black Pepper

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