Thymesia Skill Shards Guide

Thymesia is an action role-playing game with fast-paced combat and a gruesome environment. You’ve got to act fast, or you’ll get shredded apart by your enemies before you know it. With this hostile reality all around you, you’ve got to make sure you have a strong weapon to get you through any difficult situation you face. And this is where Skill Shards come in. This Thymesia guide will walk you through Skill Shards, their types, their uses, and how to unlock them.

What Are Skill Shards?

While playing Thymesia, users will soon realize that their character only has three slots of Plague weapons, one being allotted for temporary weapons that players can get by using Claws. However, that can be changed if you start collecting Skill Shards.

Skills Shards, also referred to as Plague Shards, is a resource in Thymesia that lets players craft permanent Plague Weapons with which they can expand their weapon collection, take them along in different battles, and slay various monsters.

In order to get their hands on the Skill Shards, players will have to face higher-tier enemies and defeat them in different battles. Upon doing so, enemies will drop Skill Shard as loot. Most of these enemies will not respawn once you decide to rest at the beacon, so be aware of that.

If you’re looking for a specific Skill Shard, we recommend you search up the level where you’ll face a higher-tier enemy, find the one you want to fight, and defeat it in combat. You’ll probably get a shard like this or try aiming for Reaving enemies; they also have higher drop rates.

You can also invest in some Talent Points in the Luck tree of the Strategies category to improve drop rates.


Types of Skill Shards

While playing Thymesia, players can obtain three types of Plague Shards. These are as follows;

Standard Shards
Standard Shards are basic Shards that players can get their hands on by defeating basic/low-tier enemies.

Boss Shards
Boss Shards are the type of Shards that players can only acquire once they have defeated enemies and associated bosses. Once you get a Boss shard, you will receive the base form of the weapon that will be required to upgrade by continuously fighting the boss again and again.

Rare Shards
Players will be able to get their hands on Rare Shards by defeating specific enemies in certain locations. Sometimes they can be easier to deal with, but you should always be prepared for a tough fight.

How to Use Skill Shards

All three categories of Skill Shards in Thymesia have various shards under them, each having a different function. Here’s how to use each and every one.

Standard Shards

Following are the Standard Shards and their uses.

  • Bow: Has a phenomenal range and is great for aiming at enemies from a distance. You can upgrade it to shoot more arrows.
  • Halberd: A versatile weapon that allows you to keep your enemies far away from you and can be used to attack a group of enemies.
  • Flying Dagger: Not only does it allow you to disengage projectiles coming towards you from enemies, but you also can counterattack them.
  • Scythe: Has an amazingly wide radius that covers a big portion of the field and unleashes a horizontal slash.
  • Whip: It allows you to whip your enemies and has a great range. You can attack them from a safe distance and quickly advance other attacks once done whipping.
  • Javelin Sword: This lets you take a step back and unleash a ranged attack or an AoE strike.

Boss Shards

Following are the Boss Shards and their uses.

  • Miasma: Creates a huge smoke cloud in front of you and staggers the nearby enemies. You also get a temporary buff on your dodge, which makes it hard for the enemies to get you.
  • Mutated Tentacles: A one-of-a-kind weapon that does quite literally what it sounds like. A burst of limbs unleashes from your back and launches in front of you to provide damage to your enemies.
  • Fools’ Punch: This hand attack punches your enemies with full power and knocks them out for a few seconds.
  • Blood Storm: This attack drains your health to provide damage to a group of enemies.
  • Vile Blood Shield: Yet again, this attack also drains your health in order to create a protective bubble around you to save you from attacks in the field.
  • Giant Sword: Unleashes a huge sword that produces a heavy slam attack in front of you.
  • Javelin Sword: This allows you to shred apart your enemies from a distance.

Rare Shards

Following are the Rare Shards and their uses.

  • Hammer: Swing a giant hammer in front of you to inflict major damage to your enemies. It also produces a limited AoE attack.
  • Flying Daggers: This allows you to be stacked up with heavy blades so you can provide blood-draining damage to your enemies. You also are able to maintain a safe distance while equipping this weapon.
  • Greatsword: Ginormous sword that allows you to swing at a wide radius and helps you quickly eliminate multiple enemies.
  • Blood Blade: Drains your health to help you imbue your Saber. Power increases according to the damage you deal.
  • Whip: While maintaining a safe distance, you can strike and target multiple enemies.
  • Fist: A giant fist unleashes that slams down in front of you to provide damage to enemies and sends shockwaves to them as well.

How to Get Different Types of Skill Shards in Thymesia

Here’s a list of all Plague Shards in Thymesia and where you’ll find them from.

Shard Name Shard Category Shard Location
Bow Standard Acquired from Archer present in Royal Gardens and Hermes Fortress.
Halberd Standard Acquired from Spearsman all around in the game.
Flying Dagger Standard Acquired from Acrobats in the Sea of Trees.
Scythe Standard Acquired from farmer enemies in the Royal Gardens.
Whip Standard Acquired from blood golems in the Royal Gardens.
Javelin Sword Standard Acquired from Royal Heir Urd.
Miasma Boss Acquired from Odur in the Sea of Fools.
Mutated Tentacles Boss Acquired from Mutated Odur in the Sea of Fools.
Fools’ Punch Boss Acquired from God of Fools in Sea of Fools.
Blood Storm Boss Acquired from Hanged Queen in the Royal Gardens.
Vile Blood Shield Boss Acquired from Sound of the Abyss in the Underground Lab.
Giant Sword Boss Acquired from Varg in the Hermes Fortress.
Javelin Sword Boss Acquired from Urd in the Hermes Fortress.
Hammer Rare Acquired from Hammer Clown enemy in the Sea of Fools.
Flying Daggers Rare Acquired from Acrobat enemy in the Sea of Fools.
Greatsword Rare Acquired from Red-Hooded swordsman in the Royal Gardens and Hermes Fortress.
Blood Blade Rare Acquired from Gloating Hag enemies in the Royal Gardens.
Whip Rare Acquired from Blood Golems in the Underground Lab and the Library of the Royal Gardens.
Fist Rare Acquired from Large Brute enemies in the Sea of Fools and Hermes Fortress.

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