Thymesia How To Unlock Long-Lasting Potion

The Long-Lasting potion is the first of three main potions that you unlock in Thymesia by defeating three end-of-level bosses.

For the Long-Lasting potion, you will have to take down Odur, the first boss of the game. Make no mistake though. Being the first boss does not mean that he will be a walkover. Odur is designed to introduce you to the brutality of the game, giving you a slight taste of things to come. He has a lot of attacks, including both ranged and melee as well as mix-ups to catch you off guard.

Consider Odur an opportunity to master the dodging and parrying systems of Thymesia because it will only become harder when you face the Hanged Queen for the second, Fast-Acting potion.

The following guide will explain how to defeat Odur for the Long-Lasting potion in Thymesia.

How To Defeat Odur

Odur has two phases to his fight with a dozen different attack moves on his docket. The first phase is naturally the easiest to encounter. When Odur enters the second phase, his attacks will become stronger, faster, and more aggressive.

Phase 1 Attacks

Cane Stab
This is the most common attack of Odur featuring his cane sword that he will swing twice in the forward direction and then with a swift turn around, you will be stabbed with his cane. Timings of this combo are fairly easy to learn and you can easily dodge it as it is a continuous attack with zero delays.


Spinning Kick
When performing this attack, Odur will have an incredible stance where you will see him bowing and holding his hat with one hand. Then he will strike you along with a spin kick after about a second of taking his stance. This attack will be in a forward direction so you can easily dodge it by moving backward.

Spinning Double Kick
He will tilt his right leg and perform a double kick targeting the middle part of your body following a cane attack. There will be a short delay in between the kicks and cane attack which you can take advantage of and dodge.

Counter Kick
This is one of his counterattacks where he will repel your attack using his cane and then attack you with a quick thrust following a strong kick. This kick will paralyze you for a while so remember to either dodge or deflect it.

Counter Stab
This is his second counter-attack where first he will repel your attack using a sword clash and then attack you with a quick forward leap following a double strike using his cane.

One-Card Flick
This is a long-range attack that he will use once he is at 50% health or less. By creating some distance from you, he’ll throw two cards toward you by snapping his fingers. These cards will deal significant damage so remember to dodge this attack and try to reduce the distance by dodging sideways and quickly moving forward.

Five-Card Flick
He will use this attack after the Double One-Card Flick but he’ll first charge up his card before flicking them again. Delay in this stance is about two seconds so you can take advantage of this delay to attack him while Odur is recharging his cards.

Phase 2 Attacks

Five-Hit Combo
This is the most common attack in this phase where Odur will disappear and then dodge 3 times moving towards you. Afterward, he will perform a combo attack including five hits. He’ll strike first using his following attacks using a scabbard.

Critical Attack
While performing this attack, a flash of green hue will appear and you will be attacked by an invisible line of energy erupting from the ground by a quick swing of Odur’s sword.

Whenever you see Odur absorbing the energy of red hue from his surroundings, make sure to run and get away from him as much as you can because this is his ultimate attack that is impossible to dodge has a wide range and, once you get hit with it, deals much greater damage than the rest of his attacks i.e., 175 damage with no way of deflecting or dodging it.

What Does Long-Lasting Potion Do?

The Long-Lasting potion heals for the most health compared to the other potions. Taking a sip will provide 150 percent increased healing but the catch is that the healing will not be instant. You heal over time with the Long-Lasting potion.

Thus, with this potion in stock, you can focus on dealing successive damage to the enemies instead of focusing solely on dodging and deflecting attacks.

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