Best Talents to Unlock First in Thymesia

This guide will go over the best talents to keep your eyes on in Thymesia and unlock as soon as possible.

Talents are the best way to gain powerful boosts and upgrades in Thymesia and it is worth the effort to learn as many Talents as you possibly can. Talents can be everything from active, and passive abilities to damage boosts for your attacks. This guide will go over the best talents to keep your eyes on in Thymesia and unlock as soon as possible.

Best Talents to Unlock Early in Thymesia

Talents can be unlocked by using Memory Shards. Every time you use a memory shard to level up your base stat, you will gain a talent point and you can use that talent point to unlock a new talent.

Every talent will cost you one talent point and you can reset any talent at any point so you are not bound to any talents, and you can give lots of combinations a try.

There are a total of six talent trees in the game with each one holding lots of special talents that are in a class of their own. You can’t unlock all of them because you won’t be able to gain that many talent points so you will have to take your pick carefully.

The best thing about talents is that you can swap them and try out different combinations, so you are not stuck with the ones you primarily equip. There are lots of talents but some of them are a must and we have mentioned them below.

Healing Execution

No matter what game you play, healing will always be one of your most wanted talents. Just like that, Healing Execution in Thymesia is a must-have talent at any point in the game.

Healing Execution will heal you and give you back some of the lost health, depending on the type of enemy you have killed. The bigger enemy you have taken down the more health you will gain.

You will gain 25 health for taking down mobs with basic knives and axes, 35 health for defeating Mid-Tier mobs with better shields and gear, and finally, you can gain up to 45 health for taking down mini-bosses.

If the boss has two phases, then you will gain 55 health for defeating the first phase of the boss. With Healing, you will not only gain health back but will also gain your energy back that allows you to use Plague Weapons.

Sharp Weapons

Sharp Weapons is not much of a talent and more of a damage upgrade for your Saber Attacks. Saber Attacks are your primary attacks and gaining a damage boost for them is a talent you should always have at your disposal.

When you use Saber Attacks with Sharp Weapons Talent, it will apply wounds to enemies that you can drain. Even if you are not using a combo attack and just using Saber Attacks with Sharp Weapons Talent equipped, you will still be dealing tons of damage.

Precise Deflect

If you move towards the Deflect Talent Tree, you will find the Precise Deflect Talent. This talent will increase the total amount of damage dealt when you deflect an enemy’s attack. This type of talent comes in handy at any point in the game so it’s a must-have.

Long Dodge

During combat situations where you won’t always be able to hit back with the same force and you will have to dodge that attack. In those situations, a talent that basically makes you invincible by extending your dodge range and by providing some additional invincibility frames.

By using this talent, you can dodge even some of the most unavoidable attacks during combat. If you are just starting the game, it’s better to have this talent handy as there is no alternative to a full health bar.

First Aid

If coming back from the dead was a talent, then this would exactly be it. First Aid is the last talent in the Strategies Tree and this uses one of your potions to bring you back once you die.

In a combat-heavy game like Thymesia, this talent will be very useful as this will give you a second chance at taking the enemy on again from the same spot rather than restarting the game once again.

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