Thursday’s Playstation State of Play Might Include Final Fantasy 16 or Forspoken

A recent leak has claimed that Thursday's Playstation State of Play event might include Final Fantasy 16 or Forspoken news.

A recent leak on the ResetEra forums has hinted that this Thursday’s Playstation State of Play event might also give us a look at two different Square Enix games, either Final Fantasy 16 or Forspoken from Luminous Productions. Nothing is confirmed yet however, so you should take it with a grain of salt.

The description for the event says that there will be extensive coverage of Arkane Studio’s upcoming Deathloop game, alongside other third-party and indie games. However, they haven’t revealed what those third-party games are, especially if Square Enix is involved.

Final Fantasy 16 was first unveiled at the Playstation 5’s reveal event last summer, and since then has had nothing revealed about it aside from the game’s website describing most of its setting and central characters. Forspoken has had better luck, having two trailers at different events, but we still know little about it.

The person to claim that the two Square Enix games would be in the Playstation State of Play event, a user named Quinton, also claimed that if nothing changes before the event, the “long wait” will be over. Although, again, there hasn’t been any indication that either Final Fantasy 16 or Forspoken will get any new news.

Forspoken’s last trailer, for example, was at the tail end of March, and mainly comprised of her voice actress and model describing her along with some short gameplay snippets. We’ve also gone almost a full year without any new news about Final Fantasy 16, and only Forspoken has a release window of 2022.

Whether those gaps will be enough for Square Enix to at least give us new trailers of them, or any sort of new information, remains to be seen, especially since Deathloop, not a big game like Final Fantasy, is the focus of the new Playstation State of Play event. We’ll just have to see on Thursday if the leak turns out to be true.

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