Total War Three Kingdoms Release Date Announced, Yellow Turban Launch DLC

The Total War Three Kingdoms release date has finally been announced by Creative Assembly, letting all of its fans know that the game will be coming out exclusively for the PC on March 7 of 2019. The game was originally announced for this fall, but was delayed several months to March 7.

Three Kingdoms takes p[layers to China for the very first time, taking place during the Warring States period that gamers who play Dynasty Warriors might be familiar with. With a lack of central authority on the imperial throne of China, warlords have sprung up from the major clans, all looking to declare themselves emperor.

Like in the Total War Warhammer games, players will be able to make use of great heroes of the time to lead their armies, each one having personalized bodyguard units and who can even engage other heroes in duels. This includes heroes such as Lu Bu, Cao Cao, Zhaohu Dun, and more.

The game will also have two modes: A Romanticized mode that will give players the sort of over the top action that you might read in the classic Chinese literature Romance of the Three Kingdoms or see in the Dynasty Warriors games, and a Realistic mode, which will play more like a normal Total War game. Both modes will also include a day-night cycle.

Adding to the game, Creative Assembly announced today that a piece of Day One DLC would also be coming with the game, the Yellow Turban Rebellion. The Rebellion, based off a major event that happened during this period, will apparently be adding a new faction in the form of the rebellion itself so that you may throw off the Imperial yoke in a similar manner to the Ikko Ikki from Total War Shogun 2. It will be available as a pre-order bonus, or one week on from the Total War Three Kingdoms release date.

Players can also buy a special edition of the game that includes a Guan Yu statuette, calligraphy book, a double-sided campaign map, and a character poster.

Once again, the Total War Three Kingdoms release date is on March 7 of next year, so you might want to brush up on your Sun Tzu before then.