Three Pieces Of Free Resident Evil 2 DLC Coming, Starts In February

Resident Evil 2 takes place almost entirely in a single building, leaving there to be a great number of other stories that Leon Kennedy and Claire Redfield missed before they reached Raccoon City. Now, however, three pieces of Resident Evil 2 DLC will be coming, starting in February, for fans to play for free.

The three different pieces of DLC cover three different characters that we hear about in the rest of the game, but never get to see (alive, at least). These three survivors, known as the “Ghost Survivors” in the DLC, include the gunshop owner, a soldier, and the mayor’s daughter, and their own adventures as they attempt to survive the outbreak.

This isn’t the first Resident Evil game to get side-stories and DLC, but it’s the second one to do so since Resident Evil found its footing again with Resident Evil 7, which also included a variety of free DLC that both tied up loose ends (telling what happened to Zoe) and told new stories (showing Chris Redfield tracking down Lucas Baker.)

The first of the Resident Evil 2 DLC that will be coming will be “No Time To Mourn”, which focuses on the Raccoon City gunshop owner Robert Kendo, who appears in Claire’s route and late in Leon’s route as well. It will be releasing in February, February 15 specifically.

The second DLC will be called “Runaway”, which focuses on Katherine Warren, who was given over to the sinister Chief Irons by her father as he fled the city. Players will take on her role as they try to escape from Chief Irons and avoid the zombies in the Raccoon City Police department.

The third of the Resident Evil 2 DLC packs will be called “Forgotten Soldier”, focusing on a soldier, possibly fan-favorite character HUNK, as he also attempts to survive and escape the city. The last two DLCs don’t have a release date yet, but hopefully Capcom will release them soon, especially since the game has been such a roaring success.