THQ Nordic E3 2019 Games Will Be From “Beloved Franchises”, More Revivals?

THQ Nordic has done a lot to earn the goodwill of old THQ fans that thought a lot of their favorite series would never be continued. Now, the THQ Nordic E3 2019 games are apparently going to be continuing that trend, with “beloved franchises” apparently getting revived according to a blurb.

THQ Nordic has already published a number of games from series that were thought lost when the original THQ went down. Darksiders 3 was released late last year, and though it had a more middling reception it still allowed the series to be kept alive. Red Faction: Guerrilla, itself a revival of the Red Faction series, also got a remaster.

They’ve also developed new games, such as Biomutant, which will hopefully be getting a release date at this year’s E3. But these two new THQ Nordic E3 2019 games are apparently from popular franchises.

THQ Nordic has acquired a large number of different studios, including the rights to most of the titles that THQ had originally, giving them a lot of different options. For instance, they could make a new Destroy All Humans game. That game got a remaster back in 2016, and the time might have come for a new game to come out.

The two new games that will be coming do have a few hints, one being that a franchise is having a “long-awaited return” and “galactically-loved”, while the other is described as “a new vision.” This might mean that we’ll be getting a new Destroy All Humans game, and another game being rebooted.

Since Red Faction died with the dismal failure of the Armageddon sequel, that one might be a good option. However, there are a lot of other games that THQ Nordic owns that might also fit the role of a “new vision”, with something either rebooting or getting a sequel.

Either way, we’ll just have to wait until we can see the new THQ Nordic E3 2019 games for ourselves before we get excited, and hope that THQ Nordic knows what they’re talking about.