THQ Nordic on Darksiders 3: “Our Goal was Always to Continue the Series in a Meaningful Way

THQ Nordic took a long time to bring us Darksiders 3. The sequel to the original game released back in 2012 but only recently we got to see the third installment. Community reaction to the gameplay reveal has been mixed but according to THQ Nordic, they always intended to move the series forward in a meaningful way.

I had a chat with THQ Nordic’s Reinhard Pollice and we discussed, among other things, their ultimate goal with Darksiders 3. “Our goal was always to continue the series in a meaningful way,” he said. Moving the series in the right direction took time which is why the reveal had to wait.

Developing any video game requires time but most importantly it needs the right team that understands the vision behind the franchise. “We were just looking for the right team and the right timing. Basically, since we started with the Darksiders 2 remaster in early 2015 we bounced ideas with Gunfire Games but it actually started in Spring 2016, he added.”

THQ Nordic also confirmed that Darksiders 3 is going to be more contained compared to Darksiders 2. It is comparable to the first game in that way.

Darksiders 3 is set to release sometime next year on Xbox One, Xbox One X, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 4, and PC. Judging from how focused developers are on moving the series forward in the right way, it is possible that developers will take their time announcing a final release date.

Moreover, THQ Nordic is also considering support for PlayStation 4 Pro and Xbox One X.


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