Biomutant is a New THQ Nordic Game, An Open World Action RPG Featuring A Raccoon

It seems like THQ Nordic’s mysterious new IP might be an open world action RPG by the name of Biomutant if a recent leak from a German magazine is any indication. The magazine in question, GamesMarkt, has a full page dedicated to the game which might get an official announcement during Gamescom this week.

The magazine describes Biomutant has a “post apocalyptic kung-fu fable” of an open world action RPG. While the description might suggest something with a super serious tone like Surge, it seems like the game is the exact opposite and will probably have a very light and humorous tone thanks to the game’s protagonist which resembles a raccoon.

Three screenshots of Biomutant were also included which showed the main character swimming and gliding with the help of a mechanical device. Given the design of the character, with a bandolier across his chest and a toxic mutated right hand and a robo-grasshopper sidekick, it seems like the game might be a nod to action games like Ratchet and Clank.

Biomutant is being developed by a small studio by the name of Experiment 101 while being published by THQ Nordic. The studio itself was created by Stefan Ljungqvist who previously worked as art director at Avalanche Studios, the makers of Mad Max and Just Cause franchise.

Biomutant is expected to launch on PS4, PC and Xbox One in 2018. Since the leak, Stefan went and confirmed the game on social media. While there aren’t a lot of other details know yet, it looks as if the game will be playable on the Gamescom showfloor which suggests development has been going really well.

We will be demoing the studio’s first title on the show floor at GamesCom – an open world action RPG not like anything you’ve seen or played before. We’ve been hard at work on this for some time and I am happy to finally be able to share it. Really looking forward to it. Made with UE4.

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